Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Most Important Things In Life Are Not Things!!

I think every year lots of people get "lost" in the "work" that is involved in what is suppose to be the celebration of the birth of Jesus. It takes away from our worship of Him and leaves us feeling stressed because we feel the need to purchase just the right gift for someone. This is not what God intended for us, but it happens year after year. I have to take time and realize myself that the most important things in life are not things. It is the love of Christ and what He has given for Us! Life eternal. What a blessing it is to know Him. Am I special? No. He has given everyone the ability to know Him. It is our choice to choose since He has made it available. I do not have to argue or convince others of the grace of God, but I do know and can attest to the facts of what He has done for me. Thank God I am not under bondage to a man-made religion or to religon. Again, this is where a lot of people miss it. It is relationship with my heavenly father, not what a "man" or "church doctrine" think I should do. I worship God because I want to, no other reason. I live a moral life because I want to and I am just as human as anyone else. I am not perfect, neither do I claim to be. As with any post that deal with topics about God, most of the comments are taken out of context or explained away as "feelings." This is dissapointing, but to be expected. Everyone does have the right to their own opinion. At least we still have that....for now anyway. I think of a former pastor from time to time. He is a very Godly man and has much wisdom. He once told of being asked about living his life all the way until death and the possibility of finding out there was no heaven. His response was that the life he had lived up to that point would still have been worth it. Now, that, my friend says a lot!!!!! That is being convinced in your own heart and not doubting. Merry Christmas to all!!