Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Yes, my friends! We had snow! It wasn't anything measurable, of course, but nevertheless, SNOW! In November! I was taken by complete surprise as I stared out the window. I took a picture with my cell phone, but it didn't capture the fine flurries, so you will have to imagine it with me. If only I would have had my regular camera....*sigh*

Whatcha' think about that ANITA?!! *smile*

Monday, November 17, 2008

Mother's Intuition, Or Is It?

I had an awful scare at Nathan's pediatric appointment the other day. He was in for his four year check up, nothing out of the ordinary, right? While there I was asked by the nurse as well as the pediatrician about giving him the flu shot. Being a little leery of "new" vaccinations or drugs, (Have I mentioned before I have been called "over protective?) I declined. I guess saying I was "asked" by them is putting it mildly. Saying that I was lectured by the pediatrician about him having it would be more appropriate. She was almost unrelenting as she told me the side effects were all but none existent and expounded on the dangers of the flu itself instead of the vaccine. She also expressed to me the falsehood of how people will say that they were not even sick until they received the flu vaccine and then they got the flu. She said this is completely false and if you get the flu after receiving the vaccine, you were already exposed before the vaccine was able to "get into your system" to prevent it.

Although I had repeatedly said no to the vaccine during this office visit, I was starting to re-think my decision after hearing how serious the effects of the flu would be on my son and how negligent I would be as a parent to knowingly reject the vaccine, especially since there were little to NONE side effects. I apprehensively agreed and finally gave the go ahead although I still had reservations. As most of you know, Nathan was traumatized by the antibiotic injections he had during his time of back to back ear infections and I didn't want a repeat of arm flailing and screaming. I decided to ask him if the nurse could give him a "shot" in his thigh and to my surprise he answered yes! Not only that, but he wanted to watch!

I sat him up on the table and the nurse soon came in ready to take care of business. She had release form for me to sign with questions about egg allergies. Seems this is what the flu vaccine is derived from. Hmmm, imagine that. Anyway, she cleaned his little thigh off and thumped the needle and before you know it, it was over. Nathan, much to my surprise and the nurse's, didn't shed a tear or take his eyes off the procedure from start to finish. "You are definitely going to the treasure box today" she told him. I pulled his jeans up and fastened them and we strolled out the door headed to the receptionist desk. We passed the dr. in the hallway and she seemed very pleased I heeded her advice. "Don't forget to make an appointment for one month" she said to me. "He will need to get the second half." What?!!!! She never mentioned a second half to me. Seems there is two parts for children under the age of nine. I wondered to myself why she didn't tell me this previously.

I continued on to the check out desk and told the receptionist that I needed to bring him back in one month for part two. As she was trying to get me scheduled Nathan tugged on my leg and let me know that he was suppose to go to the toy chest to get his prize. He sure hadn't forgotten that and didn't want me to either. I mentioned to the young lady the nurse had promised the chest and she proceeded to look for it. (It was her first day at this office) I informed her is was in the bottom drawer of the file cabinet behind her. She allowed us to come around the partition and opened the drawer much to Nathan's delight. I told him to pick just one and he did so happily. He chose a toy exactly like the one he chose the last visit. It was a small rubber dinosaur. He was happy! We went back around the desk to finish the scheduling. As we worked out the day, I felt Nathan tug on my leg and when I looked down, he said to me with a gnarled up face, "Mommy, My tummy hurts" Suddenly, as I started to ask him questions, he turned a wax white. I have never seen him look this pale and his lips were turning blue! I picked him up (he was just limp at this point) and immediately knew he was having a reaction to the flu shot!

I had two nurses guiding me back to the examining room as they were calling for the pediatrician. Funny, how I can remember hearing her heels clicking on the tile floor as she hurried to where we were. They were telling me to lay him down on the table. I did, but I didn't move completely away from him. No need to tell you how scared I was. He was placed on a monitor for his breathing and heart rate. Thank the Lord, He was still conscious. I still hand my hands on him and begin to pray. Yes, I am one of those who definitely believes in the "laying on of hands" as the bible instructs. His color began to come back and he wanted something to drink. His pediatrician got him some water. I stayed right by his side until I knew he was ABSOULUTELY, WITHOUT A DOUBT, FINE! Of course I am thinking to myself how I knew NOT to get this flu shot, but I went against my intuition! Ugghhhh!!!!! As Christians, we know better than this!

Nathan's pediatrician had no explanation for his reaction to the vaccine. She knew I would not allow him to have the second half. She did, however, apologize to me. She even told me that she wished she would not have kept trying to persuade me, knowing that I was not comfortable with it. *sigh* Who could have known, right? I haven't heard of anyone else having issues with this, have you?

Once again, I am thankful for the loving care of my heavenly father. I don't know what I would do without Him taking care of me and my family.