Friday, December 29, 2006

Sara Isn't The Only One

I think it is just wordpress that thinks I am spam. I had gone over to comment on another blog and couldn't. I had the same problem there as I was having over at
Sara's. I can't figure it out. I changed my email address, name, and page to see if that would eliminate the problem, but no. Sara, I am sorry. I guess you will have to fish my comments out of the spam filter, cause you know I have to say something. *smile* I love your blog!

It has been another day filled with sunshine, but I haven't accomplished much. I had planned to clean the car. Oh well, rain is predicted the weekend so I guess I would be defeating the purpose. I thought about taking down the tree, (No I haven't taken down my tree, yet) I wanted to keep it up until we had "Christmas" with my sister and my BIL. He is home from Iraq for two weeks. He has a lot of plans. Taking a trip to NY is one of them. I will post more about them later and with pictures, of course!

Just A Funny

While browsing through some of my pictures that I took with my new camera, (can't tell I like it, huh?) I found this:

This is my neice, daughter, and mother-in-law. She, mil, was not clowning! I kid you not! The camera actually caught her in "transition." Hmmm.... I don't know, maybe it was just funny to me. Oh, and the juice cup belongs to Nathan. Nothing stronger than apple juice. I can affirm this!

Thursday, December 28, 2006


While driving down the highway today, I was thinking about the weather. It is sooo nice and sunny here and in the high 60's. Very enjoyable, except that it is December! I fully intended to blog about it when I got home, but Anita beat me to it! She brought up some interesting points. It gave me something to think about. Am I a good steward? Most people associate stewardship with money only. It is more than that. We are to be good stewards over children, time, homes, and many other things that God has entrusted us with. Thanks Anita, for reminding me.

When I started to blog, I thought of it as not ammounting to much. Just something that I would do as a "creative" outlet. Something that no one else would ever read. Boy, was I wrong! I have met a wonderful "family" that I look forward to "visiting" everyday. I am convicted, inspired, and made to smile. You are my sisters in Christ and I am thankful for you.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Christmas Story

It started out as a routine trip to the atm a couple of days before Christmas. The skies were overcast and the rain stayed steady just enough to keep the wipers on. The boy in the back was about 12 years old and was constantly chattering about the upcoming celebration to his parents. His excitement of the pending Christmas holidays was hard to contain.

Upon pulling into the parking-lot with the atm, (it isn't a drive-up) a young man was noticed. He was standing under the shelter of the atm pushing buttons. As the family sat in the car waiting their turn, the young man pulled out his wallet and turned his back to block their view of his transaction. He made all the motions of placing cash in his wallet and then he pulled out "his" umbrella. An umbrella that appeared to have been discarded by a previous owner and started walking away. He was not driving an automobile, in fact, he was not driving anything at all. He was walking. Men are usually walking in this part of town, and are looking for hand-outs, but there was something different about this one. He was not dressed shabbily, nor did he look unshaven. Just the opposite. He was dressed in a shirt that actually matched his slacks and he looked groomed. Not that he was gotten close enough to discern if he had bathed, but he looked as if he would have, if given the opportunity.

The father in the suv got out and walked up to the atm to retrieve his cash for the days journey leaving his son to chatter on with the mother. The mother listened with one ear, as she was more concerned with the previous customer. There was something about this young man that couldn't be shaken. She watched him make his way down the highway toward the fast-food restaurants at the intersection. "Lord, she thought, are you trying to tell me something about this young man? What is it?"

The father soon returns and a conversation begins. As they drive out of the parking lot, the mother knows she has to do something, but what? She has never made it a habit to give cash to the "beggars" but she has been known to buy them something to eat if they ask. Herein the other dilema, he hasn't asked for anything. How was she going to convince the father that she "has" to do something for this stranger? Almost whispering, she began " I feel like we need to do something for that man." She didn't have to explain which man, the father already knew. They had both watched, as he pretended to place withdrawn cash in his wallet, but neither one had said a word about until now. Mother knew that "THE FATHER" had been working on the father, as well as herself. They were in agreement. They drove until they spotted him again as he had passed all the restaurants. They caught up with him and the father rolled the window down when he got alongside him. The father extended out his hand with the cash and the suprised young man just looked at first and then asked "What is this for?" The father asked in reply "Don't you need some food?" "I sure do" he said, "I sure do" and then gratefully took the money. He didn't grab or snatch it out of his hand. His actions were gentle. The father left him with "God Bless You" as he drove away.

No words could be spoken from the mother. Tears were streaming down her face and her heart was broken. Broken for this young man who was so grateful for something she had taken for granted. Broken, wondering if he would have just one gift to open on Christmas morning. Broken because he had reminded her that our best gift is love. Love that The Father has bestowed upon us. Silently, the tears poured from her eyes. Silently, the son sat in the back. His father ask if he knew why his mother was crying. Yes, he knew, we all knew.

1 John 3:1
Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not.

Monday, December 25, 2006


I guess I am spam again. :(
I tried to comment, but can't.

Here's My Three!

Not one of my best photos, but they are together. This was on the drive to grandma's. I hope to share more later. Oh, By the way, my Christmas gift was a camera! The Kodak Easy Share with printer dock. I am sooo excited. Notice Nathan's hand in his hair? This is his sleepy routine.

Christmas @ Grandma's