Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Wow! Time sure passes quickly when you have a post that needs to be finished. I have been meaning to get this post together and it seems that everything else has captured my attention. I was also waiting for ANITA to put her brilliant spin on the pics. *grin*

Anita's camera is broken, so we didn't get as many photos as we would have liked. I think we were so busy talking that we forgot we had that option. As a matter of fact, I was so excited about spending the weekend with my Canadian neighbors that I forgot to take my camera on the way over to the hotel to greet them. Now, how sad is that?!

Anita called to let me know about what time they were to get into town on Friday the 18th. We had decided to meet at the hotel (and no, this isn't the actual one where she stayed. I don't won't to give away my exact location...*smile*) I had been patiently waiting up to this point and I was now ready to see them face to face.

We had decided to have dinner near the hotel of which they were staying since there was just about every restaurant you could name in the vicinity. We knew we were going to head out to the beach the next morning so we decided seafood was out of the question and Anita opted for Olive Garden. It was a great choice, Anita! The meal was delicious and the company wasn't half bad either! *smile*

After we finished eating, we decided to come back to my house for a little more fellowship.

This is the first picture I took, as my camera was home, ahem.... (alone)
Aren't they just the cutest!

The next morning we were off to the beach. We were blessed with a beautiful day full of sunshine. This is Ken and Anita going to "stick their toes in."

Next, we decided to walk down the beach and search for shells. We came upon this so cleverly disguised. I almost touched it while searching for small shells. YIKES!

Beach Buds!

My husband declared he is going on a diet after this photo!

This is Anita shaking the sand off her feet as we were getting ready to leave sandy coastline. Funny how we had planned to spend more time there, but didn't. We tried to pack too many activities into such a short period of time.

We rode around the area for a little while and then went to eat lunch at the Purple Onion in Shallote. If you are familiar with the area, but have never eaten there, please go and try it. Anita and I had salads that were very pleasing. The guys didn't complain either. I highly recommend this little restaurant for it's food, prices and cleanliness, which is a big plus. Oh, and I forgot to mention their homemade desserts. Yes, I know I am watching my weight, but after several weeks of being good, I let my guard down for a piece of their 7 layer chocolate cake. It did not disappoint. It was sooo good in fact, I could have eaten the plastic container it was served in, but I was trying to be on my best behavior in front of company and all. *smile* I have no pictures of this, as I left my camera in the car. *sigh*

Next we went over to Bath and Body Works so Anita could take a look around. Funny story here, but I will let Anita tell you if she so chooses. *smile*

We soon left the area to head out to Myrtle Beach. We had reservations for this. I have seen the Christmas show and absolutely loved it and I have seen Good Vibrations show, but I had never seen this one. Another funny story, but I again will let Anita tell this one also, if she chooses. After the show we went to where else, but Cracker Barrel. You can barely read the sign Anita is holding in the first pic.

You can read it very well in this one. I think this is my favorite one!!

Here's our chauffeur getting ready to take us back to the hotel where we would be spending the night. Thanks, honey!

Well I am going to end this for tonight. It is getting so late and I am tired. I didn't think I was going to get this far, but I am glad I did. Hopefully Anita will get something up soon. She has probably been as busy as I have......