Friday, September 21, 2007

HE Loves Me!

Although I have read the scriptures convincing me of my Father's love and how He orders my steps, I am still amazed when I experience the reality of it. To know that my Lord loves me with an everlasting love..........

I am just overwhelmed.


I mean.........


I know there is a reason for all things. In fact, everyone that serves our Savior can probably testify to this and the times that we felt such a wonderful peace knowing that God is in control. I for one, am so glad that He is. I have made enough mistakes on my own.....

Spent time in prayer asking for forgiveness from my forgiving Lord. How merciful He is to me.....thank-you, Jesus, so unlike man and the ways of man. Again, I thank YOU Lord!

The past few weeks I have struggled with a bad decision.........

One that has been more aggravating than anything else. No one forced this decision. It was one of pure human error.....


Maybe this is why I have re-lived the moments over and over in my mind. (kicking myself over and over again)

I knew better. The Holy Spirit warned me with just a whisper "Don't"

I didn't listen. I listened to man instead. Haven't I heard the Spirit's voice enough to recognize it?

Yes, I have asked repeatedly for forgiveness. My Father forgave me the first time I asked.

I couldn't forgive myself.

I asked for a way out......all the while feeling unworthy......

and I have seen God at work.

No....not in the way that I would think He would, After all, His thoughts are much higher than mine.

And no, I haven't seen completion of the escape that He has made for me....

BUT I have this PEACE about my situation that PASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING!!

ASK me again why I love Him so........

My answer won't be one of a list of things He does for me.....(although He does)

It won't be one of how He has prepared a mansion in heaven for me (although He has)

It will be BECAUSE He FIRST loved me.