Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Home At Last!

Well, I am back again........ I haven't had time to post about everything that has been happening around here, but I have some of the promised pics of my bil's return home. Ahh...yes, I thought that would buy me a little forgiveness! *smile* I can't post all of them that I would like because we were asked not to take any that could identify where they were taken, therefore putting our men in danger. I definitely don't want to do that.

This is just a random pic outside while waiting for the airplane to shine through the clouds. There was so much excitement standing out there as I watched the children anxiously peering into the sky wondering "how much longer?"

I can't tell you what I felt when I saw the lights of that plane coming through the clouds. I also hate to tell you that my camera decided to hesitate between shots, so I missed getting a shot of that, but here is one of when it first touched down.

This is when everyone is waving and shouting as loudly as they can, all the while hoping that their loved ones could see them from the plane. It was pure torture as we waited for them to unload.

I went inside the waiting hall before they unloaded. I knew they would have to march in and this was going to take a little while so I wanted to get a good spot to watch them come in. I cannot describe for you all the emotions I felt as these guys marched in after being deployed for 15 months. Most of them had not had a shower for at least 3 days and sleep was another issue. This did not deter them from making us all proud. The lump in my throat and the tears in my eyes were in the same company of others. You just couldn't help yourself! The children, wives, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, girlfriends stood cheering, crying, and waving small flags and handmade posters greeting our heroes. This is a day that I will never forget.

As these men stood in formation I saw their faces searching and scanning the crowd looking for a familiar family member. I was heartbroken for those that had no one there. There was one young man in particular whose eyes met mine and I could see his difficulty in "keeping it together" I so wanted to cross that roped off barrier and give him a big hug.

At last the ropes are taken down and everyone is scurrying to find their loved ones.

And just like before, my camera decides to keep me from getting a shot of what I wanted the most. I missed the first kiss, but I think this is the second one. Either way, when I mentioned that I needed another kiss, I was told "no problem"

These are few more of my favorites.

I don't know if you can read the *relief* I see on my sister's face in this picture. Definitely a favorite of mine. Something else about this photo is if you look closely you will see a young man standing behind my bil. He had no one there to greet him. When I realized this I went over with my daughter and one of my nieces and we thanked him for his service to our country. He told us that it was too far for his family to come since they were across the country. I was so sad for him.

I took this one before we left. I thank God for His protection and grace. I know my bil's return would not have been possible without it.