Monday, March 03, 2008

I Couldn't Pick Finer Friends!

I am so glad my "hat" didn't come sailing back out the door! I really don't know how I have gotten so far behind. I planned to blog about this and that, but it seems that I never have enough time for each post, so then I put it off and see what happened. I have some pics saved on my camera and hopefully, when I get the batteries charged, I will have a few things to share.

Time is just whizzing past!! Truly, the days are being shortened. We are seeing the bible being fulfilled. Things that we use to see on the news in other parts of the world that we thought were utterly shocking and horrid are now happening in our neighborhood! WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!

There's a lot more that I want to post, but as I stated earlier, I don't have much time. There is a revival going on at my home church and I plan to be there tonight. If I have time afterwards I may come back and try to update some, that is if I can think of something interesting. I went to the Biltmore a couple of weeks ago. I know, I know, that's old news. I didn't take my camera.......*big sigh* I know how disappointed you must be since I have only shared 9,128,7364,557,908,766 photos before, but this is the one time we actually stayed at the Biltmore Inn. I FORGOT MY CAMERA!! My hubby had to resort to buying one of the disposables. He couldn't believe I didn't pack it. Yes girls, that's how far I have slipped from the blogging world. I can hear you gasping right now. So you see I was in far more danger than you realized. Thankfully I feel that I am on the path to recovery........