Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Prayer Request

I would appreciate everyone that would to please pray for a family at my church. There are 3 sisters from one family that attends and just lost one of their sisters to death last week. Now, a 4th sister that attends another church, lost her husband to a heart attack early this morning. VERY unexpected and devastating! She has buried her sister only one week ago and now is dealing with the death of her spouse. They have a 17 yr. old son who is to graduate this year and as you can imagine, is not doing well. They were very close.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Betty Crocker Lives!

I would like to post about the productive day I've had as a wife and mother with pictures of me in my calico apron, polishing the furniture and how I have all the supper dishes washed, dried, and put away after preparing a fantastic feast. I would also like to add that I have next week's meals (seven nights worth) frozen in little containers awaiting to be popped out and warmed for quick, hearty meals. How all the toys are put away, all the pillows are on the couch where they belong and all the beds made. While I'm still on the subject, all homework is finished, rooms all tidy and laundry all caught up. Ahhhh, and the smell of fresh bread baking wafting through each room is an added bonus.

I can't omit the scenario of my darling children playing yahtzee on the round rug in the livingroom while the dog (mine stays outside) snores mini-decibles on the porch. Or how hubs is relaxed in his easy chair after consuming a large slice of apple pie, made from scratch, no doubt, with huge, juicy, tart apples. Let's don't forget about my planner being jam packed with tons of activities for the coming week and my grocery list waiting to be rescued from the leather binding that keeps it neat and sleek.

This would be deceptive. Nah, not deceptive, a total, flat-out lie. That's southern lingo for those who may not recognize this paticular vernacular. *Grin* As I stated in the beginning paragraph, I would LIKE to post these things, but I can't. Not saying that these things don't take place in some homes, I am sure they do...somewhere....just not here. (I am not against anyone that "has it all together") I have dishes in my sink as I sit here and type. I don't like for them to be there this long, but they are for now. We had take-out for supper. The pillows from my sofa are scattered all over the floor with a book bag, Caleb's shoes and an assortment of toys. My bed is not made. I have a good excuse for this one, but choose not to share it at this time. It's true I have frozen meals, but Lean Cuisine, and a few other companies get the credit for placing them in the little containers. The smell of fresh bread is a memory left at the wal-mart bakery. It wafts through the aisles there for sure.

I have more than one load of laundry that isn't finished and *gasp* I don't even own an apron. The most important truth of this post is I do have a family. They are not perfect. How many times have I snorted (to keep from doing something else) when I open the refrigerator to find 2 drops of milk left in a gallon jug that has been placed back onto an already crowed shelf? THROW IT AWAY, PLEASE! I have the same problem with soft drinks and juice. And dishes. For some unbeknownst reason, dishes can never make it past the kitchen counter. (I am thankful they make it from the coffee table, kitchen table, bedroom) If you're not going to load the dishwasher, can't you please place them in the sink?!!!! Nathan keeps the pillows from the sofa on the floor. No matter how many times I pick them up and put them back he comes behind me and takes them off. It's one of his favorite pastimes, along with the toy parade. No, definitely not a perfect family, but one that is very much loved!

Sunday, February 18, 2007


I had another birthday this week. Praise God for another year of health! We won't go into my age, but let's just say that my dear friend, Anita was the first to make a comment about my looking older. *Grin* How did she know? I am making plans to eat at one of my favorite restaurants that hubs is taking me to. I hope to go sometime in the coming week. It is difficult to plan with his work schedule. He is also taking me out of town for our anniversary. That is coming next weekend. I know it hasn't been that long since we were away, but I am looking forward to it again. The weather is suppose to be wonderful.
I don't know why, but I have seemed to have taken on the blahs. The last couple of days have been the worst for it. I really don't know why. My daughter told me just today that I looked good, to which I replied, " I should, I have slept for 28 hours!" This of course was after I had taken a shower and fixed my hair. Speaking of hair, I darkened mine and had just a few blonde highlights added. I like it, but my mother doesn't. She likes me au naturale, blonde. My mother is a dark brunette, like my daughter. I got the blonde from my dad's side of the family. That's about the only thing, though. *sigh*
Well, if you haven't noticed by now, this is a total pointless post. I have rambled on about absolutely nothing important. So as not to waste anymore of precious time, I am going to get off here and watch something on t.v. Hah! Now that is being productive!!