Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Not Again!

I just got back from Urgent Care. Not one of my favorite places by a long shot, but since it was after hours I had no other choice. My first flag was raised last night when my little man wanted to go to bed early. He didn't have a temperature or seem abnormal in any other way so I counted it a blessing. He slept late this morning while I did the laundry, vacuumed the pool and tinkered around with a couple of other projects. Again, a blessing, I thought.

After he awoke, I fixed him something to eat and his appetite was normal. In fact, he wanted applesauce as an extra treat. It wasn't too long after his meal that I gave him his bath. We had to get ready for his speech appointment. I was very satisfied with his therapy today. He accomplished so much and I was proud of my little guy. His arm was covered in stickers that he received as rewards.

We stopped on the way home and got something for lunch. He didn't seem too interested in his chicken nuggets or fries, but I attributed it to his hearty breakfast. Once we got home he strolled around and played as usual. As the evening approached, he decided he wanted to take a nap with his dad. The both of them snuggled up together and out they went. Nathan was out in record time.

He had been sleeping for about an hour when I heard him coming through the living room, whining. Following close behind was dad. "He's burning up" was all I needed to hear. That small flag that had been raised last night was now up and waving madly. The thought of ear infection had been playing back and forth since last night, but I refused to dwell on it.

His pediatrician's office was closed and had been for over and hour. I immediately picked up the phone to make sure Urgent Care was open. They were. I had one hour to get there. We were off in a flash. Since it was the end of the evening we didn't have to wait too long. I don't think we have ever gotten in and out so quick. I am thankful for that.

I really thought that tubes meant an end to ear infections. Boy, was I wrong. I hope this is at least the last one for a few months. Please pray for my little man. He is so miserable and it breaks my heart to see him this way.

A Contest

My friend Anita is having a Summer Reading Contest. She is giving away a gift certificate to Amazon. Visit her page to find out all of the details.

Now, most of you will agree the bible is our all time favorite book. And that's because it is God's word that gives direction for our life. It gives us strength for the journey, hope for the discouraged and food for the hungry. It's all that and so much more! Since most will agree to this, I am posting my second favorite at the moment. In fact, I let you know about this one a few weeks back. It is The Pleasures Of Tea. After taking a few peaks inside you will know why.

So, off you go. Put your name in for the running!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Dishes And Dawn

I am thankful for the much needed rain we received over the weekend. The crops have been very dry and started to "yellow." This is not good. We all know the effects of farming season. It is like everything else. When conditions are good, prices are pretty stable, but when weather is not accommodating, our veggie prices go through the roof. I don't know about you, but I am paying more than I want to for items of necessity as it is.

I have been trying to cut back on purchases and I have been using as little electricity as possible. I haven't used my dryer but once in about a month. I hang all of my laundry on the clothesline. I love the fresh smell it gives my clothes. I have also been hand-washing all of my dishes. No dishwasher running up the bill here. While I was preparing the dish water the other day, I picked up my bottle of Dawn and squirted amount needed for the perfect lather under the flowing faucet. The smell of it brought back so many memories.

I thought about the days I would stand at the sink as a small child while my grandmother washed dishes. I can still see that big, pink bottle of the cheapest stuff she could afford. I think it was called Lilac or something like that. It was not known to have the staying power of the name brand stuff, but she used it just the same. I know she had to use twice as much to get those dishes clean. By the time she did this she could have gotten the better stuff. It's strange that I remember what my grandmother used at that time, but not my own mother. As I got older and laden with the dish washing responsibility, (we did not own a dishwasher) I did not want to use the pink stuff. I wanted something that would last. I wanted Dawn. Do any of you remember your first encounter with Dawn. I knew this was the one for me. I am not sure where I first used this super, sudsy, power house, but I was impressed.

This is a great product, and as time has passed, it has evolved into many different fragrances and formulas. Through the years, I left my first love of the original and was led away to try some of the other scents. I even strayed for awhile and tried other brands. There is no substitute. I had decided to go back to the original. After all, this is what sold me to begin with. I finished filling my sink with the sudsy blue formula and thought about how I had missed the "original" scent. There is an indescribable clean smell about it.

While washing my dishes, I thought about how we as Christians, can easily be led away from our first love. We are constantly being tempted with new gadgets and gizmos that keep our lives busy. Our focus should not be on the things we acquire in this life. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with having material things if we know how to manage time spent with them. In fact, I think God blesses us with lots of things that make our life easier. We are children of the king and He wants us to have the best, but we must keep our eyes on Him first. All these other "things" are bonuses and only bring temporary satisfaction if we don't keep them in the proper perspective. God is the originator of our life's contentment. If we find ourselves discontented, we need to go back to the Original. Jesus Christ. He is the only one that can fill the void in our lives.

Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.