Saturday, April 21, 2007

About Those Steaks........

I don't think there has ever been a MORE beautiful day! I slept in for awhile this morning, but still was up early enough to have a very productive day. I feel like I started cleaning as soon as my feet hit the floor. Actually, I fixed Nathan's breakfast first and then it began. I took those steaks out of the freezer to thaw and went right to work. I wanted to rearrange my cabinet in the diningroom, but that will have to wait for another day. It was more of a day of straightening things up. I was able to get some things sorted that I have been planning to give away and that feels nice. They are in my trunk and ready to go! Yay for me!!

I had to take a short break to mail an important document that I had forgotten about. Since I live in the country, my mailbox is down by the main road. I got into the car and pulled down the drive to see the usually late mailman driving away from my box. Just seconds away. I proceeded to drive in his direction and caught him on the next road. Mail is mailed. *whew*

Have you ever noticed if you stop what you are in the middle of, it is hard to get right back to it? Well, this is what happened to me. Since I was already out, why not take care of a few other errands. I know, I was so anxious to get back and start scraping those rails! It was definitely on my mind. That is why I had to stop by walmart, ( I entered the lawn and garden area because I wasn't really dressed for shopping. Thus, I did not want to see anyone I knew. This is a sure fire way to see LOTS of people you know, take note to remember that next time.) and make my purchase of two, lovely geraniums. I mean, how could I have freshly scraped and painted porch rails without red geraniums to accent the work?

I finally got back home and decided to sweep my porch off while Nathan played outside. One thing led to another and pretty soon I was filling up the bird feeder, cleaning out the birdbath, and so on. I decided to trim the hedges and clip the underbrush from my river birch trees. This wore me out! It was starting to get late and I knew I wasn't going to get to those rails today. *sigh* I knew I needed to prepare the steaks for grilling. I have been looking forward to this ever since I mentioned it the other day. I marinated them while I prepared the potatoes and corn on the cob. Amanda wanted some BBQ bread and went to the grocery store to get some. I made a pitcher of tea and waited patiently for hubs to start the grill.

When he came inside and I knew something was amiss. Any wife that has been married awhile has learned to *read* their hubby's body language and didn't like what I was reading. I knew there wasn't going to be any grilling going on at our house. I asked anyway, you know, hoping I was wrong. Seems "the grill isn't acting right" and my thoughts of hot grilled steak faded quickly. Now, I really could have had a "field day" here as my grandmother use to say, but for the sake of keeping harmony and being a good wife, :) I restrained myself. I won't go into details, but let's just say that grills were on sale about two weeks ago and I pleaded with hubs to get a new one. The one we have is several years old and needs replacing, I reasoned with him. He informed me that our grill was JUST fine. Can you see where I'm going? :)

I got the broiler pan out placed our not going to be grilled beef on top, all without grumbling. Thank-you, Jesus. I lovingly finished preparing everything and we were seated and ate in peace. Thank-you, Jesus. I keep thanking Jesus because I could have blown it, as the usual act of my flesh and not heard the sweetest words of the day. After hubs had eaten and was resting on the couch I heard him make a softly spoken remark. I asked him to repeat it a little louder although I heard him the first time. "I wish I would have bought that grill" I don't know about you, but that sure tickled my ears! There is joy in serving Jesus! And honey, just in case you're reading this, I do too! You know I love you!

I presented the latter part of this post in a lighthearted way, but something can be learned here. Even though I have been in similar situations, sad to say, I haven't always used wisdom gained from my previous lessons. I have allowed the flesh to rise up and missed what the Lord would have me do. I am reminded of this when He tells us to "BE Still and know that I am God" He is always teaching us, if we are willing to learn, and again, I thank you, Jesus.

Star Wars And Crime Fighters

Who would've thought I'd have my very own Darth Vader?

Oh wait, or is it Batman?

Friday, April 20, 2007



Thursday, April 19, 2007


I have an urgent prayer request. There was a celebration at school today for children who participated in a candy fundraiser. Upon picking my son up after school, I learned that one of the children had been injured. He fell off the back of another student during a relay race. He landed on his head. I knew the moment he said those words it was serious. I felt it in my heart.

After arriving home, I received a call from another parent who was concerned that it was my child from the description given. Thank God it wasn't. I have learned he has broken his neck. Please be in prayer with me. I would like to ask all that would, to please post this on your page so others can be praying. I serve a God that is able to mend this child's every muscle, bone, and spinal injury. Please pray that he will not be paralyzed, in JESUS' name! Also pray for the parents of the child. I don't want to even think of the anguish they must be suffering.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mother's Day Giveaway

Ladies, can you believe I stumbled across THIS? Besides being a giving away, it is about TEA!!! I would be greatly appreciative to win. Wow! Wouldn't this be a lovely Mother's Day gift? I don't know if I can wait that long! I know! I know! I am just rambling on and on, but don't let me hinder you any longer. Go on over there and enter! Now Get!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Will They Or Won't They

I am ready for a get away weekend. I know it hasn't been that long since I was away on my anniversary, but it sure seems like it. It was soooo nice. Those treasured memories are strongly trying to persuade me to convince hubby to pack the bags and hit the road. It's funny how things change as you get older. He's usually the one wanting to spend time away and I am the one who reasons that we don't have the money to splurge.

I think I failed to mention this purchase from our last trip to the Biltmore House. Yes, my hubby purchased this lovely book for me from their gift shop. I was thrilled with this gift. I couldn't wait to get alone with it and devour every page. There are so many beautiful pictures and lots of recipes. I was also pleasantly surprised to find one of the same patterns I have collected, used in one of the tea settings.

Although the weather is suppose to be nice this weekend, I am sure we will spend it at home. We have unfinished projects that need our attention. My porch rails need to be scraped and painted. I can hardly wait to get started on that. (she said with sarcasm) Seriously though, I have plenty to keep me busy and I really enjoy working outside on nice Spring days. It also gives us a chance to crank the old grill up. I have some steaks in the freezer and a new marinade I want to try. Hmmm...... I am looking forward to it already.

End School Violence

As per Allison's request, at Simple Christian Living, I am posting this ribbon in memory of the students of yesterday's terrible events. All of the students, faculty, and families involved need our prayers.