Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tra, la, la, la,de, da *singing*

Something wonderful is going to happen again and I am sooo excited!

Whew! That feels better! I don't know how much longer I can keep it a secret!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring Is In The Air

It is getting warmer around here and the beautiful buds of Spring are showing their wonders! My Bradford pear tree is in full bloom. I still have the unanswered question of why such a beautiful tree has such a bad smell. The pungent odor filled my nostrils today as I was descending my steps to take Nathan to his speech therapy session. Why can't they have a more appealing fragrance like magnolias or gardenias? Whatever the reason I will continue to enjoy the beauty, tolerate the smell, and give God the glory and thanks for sharing this creation with me.

I also praise God that I was able to descend the steps today. I have had lower back spasms for a couple of days. I wanted to rest my back, but I had to make that appointment. I tried to be very careful in every movement made. I did not want to let out one of those uncontrollable yelps in the middle of the office. Of course after all the conversation/gossip that was taking place behind the receptionist desk it would have been quite amusing to see their reaction. I could really go on a rant here about such things as that, but since I am trying to be nice I will let it pass. And if any of you ladies from the office are reading my blog (I know you're not, but just in case) how about keeping it down. I find it completely embarrassing to hear about other clients or your own personal information for that matter. I was eavesdropping by force. I mean if I am going to eavesdrop let me do it willingly...*grin*

Since I had to go out today I decided to drop by Goodwill. I have been planning to go on a hidden treasure search. I found plenty of mismatched cups, plates, and the such, mostly stoneware. Sad to say, nothing I was interested in. If I were in the market for a new sofa, I would have hit the jackpot. A beautiful Queen Anne sofa and loveseat came in while I was there. The price was amazing. I did purchase Nathan a toy jeep that was still in box for 50cents. I guess all the other treasures remained hidden. *sigh* I may try again later. I think my backache may have hampered with my shopping skills.

Anyway, as I was going to say in reference to my Spring title, I have changed my header. How do you like it? I know I am apt to change it again shortly, but I think I like it......for now......

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Not Pictures I Would Like To Post

When I said that I would try to post some pics later, I had no idea it would be ones like this:

This was my new Mazda 6 last year, but has since became my daughter's and she hit someone on her way to work Wednesday morning. I am so thankful to my wonderful Lord that no one was all....Thank-you, Lord! She was a bit shaken up, but no physical pain. I think she was more worried about how her dad and I were going to react.

The car is now in the "auto hospital" where it is well on the way to a speedy recovery. (I hope) The driver of the other vehicle seemed to be very understanding and hopefully the tons of solicitations for lawyer representation won't change his mind. Please pray that he won't. I don't have pics of his damage, but it seems to be minor. Our insurance will cover all expenses.......again, thank-you, Lord.