Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Girl's Night Out

My sister took me out for my birthday last night. I know it was a few weeks ago, but we haven't had a chance to get together.We went to Texas Roadhouse and had a wonderful meal. Just the two of us. Now for those of you that *know* me, this is rare, but needful. Going out without the children and having the opportunity to go with my sister. We don't spend nearly enough time together and this was apparent from all the conversation we had "stocked up." We talked and talked. We were oblivious to anyone else in the restaurant as we chatted.

I like the food here, but not the bar. We had a pleasant server, another rarity around here, and our food was hot and delicious. I had the ribeye, my favorite and she had sirloin. I can honestly say this is the only place I enjoy ordering steak. I am not one to waste money on this and it has caused my husband to get a little irritated with me. It's not like he can't order what he wants and let me order something a little less expensive. I don't want to order steak, just for the sake of *ordering* steak.

We decided to do a little shopping while we were out. I know ya'll get tired of my advertising my favorites, but I can't help it. I am a bargain shopper, even if I don't buy anything. *grin* Anyway, we did the usual rounds and headed to Ross first. I was a little disappointed in the stock. I have pondered on purchasing a particular item of cookware, (anything to help me cook like Rachel Ray) and thought I might find it on this trip. I didn't. However, I did find a nice Izod shirt for my son, Caleb. Very low price. I was pleased with my only purchase from there.

Next it was on to T.J. Maxx. I love browsing the Home section. This is where I usually find my tea treasures. We looked at the cookware, but didn't find the one I was looking for there either. I found a bowl with a similar pattern of one my from my childhood. This brought up a lot of memories for my sister and I. Our grandmother use to have this particular pattern of tableware and used it everyday! She didn't have it tucked away for special occassions like I have some of my things. This has caused me to think. Why not enjoy those pieces while we can. I think I am going to incorporate using some of my treasures into everyday meals. Not for oodles of noodles or spaghetti o's, mind you, but some of the family sit downs. I think I can, I think I can........

Lady Of Value

Happy Birthday


Monday, March 19, 2007


I know I have been slack posting pictures lately, but I hope this will make up for it. I went out in my yard today and decided I best take some of the flowering trees before the cold weather comes back and "browns" them. This next picture is one of just that. It is a saucer magnolia that was blooming and the frost we had the night before stole it's beautiful color and vibrance. :(

It's all a part of Spring around here.My Bradford Pear tree is in full bloom. These are very popular around here. Great landscaping trees. I have only one, but it is a beauty. The sad thing about these are they announce Spring, but the blooms don't last long. Shortly after they *advertise* they return to foilage. Still pretty, though. This is one of my birdhouses. I have yellow bells planted beneath, but due to Ahem.....neighbor's dogs, they haven't faired too well, thus, no picture. Notice the green cedar behind the birdhouse. I personally, *patting myself on the back* planted this one from a tiny seedling. The picture doesn't do it justice. Of course that is my opinion.This little birdhouse had fallen from it's perch and I hadn't noticed until today. Sad, I know. I put it back, but it still has the remnants of ground abuse. My camera is not equipped to capture things as beautiful as this next one. It is very hard to see, but at the top is a worker bee in one of my evergreens. I am sorry that you can't see what I was witnessing. I am in awe of God and how He has made provisions for EVERYTHING in the cycle of life! The very first picture is of a plant that a dear christian lady gave me several years ago. Actually, she gave me a small piece of it and told me it would grow anywhere. At the time, I was not so sure. I didn't get the full scope of it, but she was right. I can't remember the name of it right now, but it has grown. It's also a sticker and one that I will have to watch when Nathan is outside.
The Crepe Myrtles won't bloom for awhile. Now, those are real beauties. I hope I am not disappointed this year. If so, it will be my own fault since I didn't cut them back. It's not time to fertilize them yet, but I plan to do that soon. Maybe that will make up for the lack of pruning. I can hope, can't I? For some more pretty pictures of Spring, go over to Keeper Of The Home's page and enjoy!