Friday, February 02, 2007

For A Christian

If you can stand before false accusations
And lift your head in grace
and face the lies;
If you can join in other's celebrations
While your life falls in ruin
before your eyes;
If you can grieve with others who are
Yet find in Christ a peace beyond
all griefs;
If you can love those who are unbelieving,
and yet stand firm and sure on your beliefs.
If you can lose all wealth and earthly treasure
And count it as the loss of so much dust;
If you can scorn success by mortal measure,
Striving for rewards that cannot rust;
If you can put your hand to Christian labor,
Be buried with Christ, your sins all put to end;
If everyday you can love your neighbor,
you will be a Christian then, my friend.
Ramona K. Cecil

I have this inscribed on a plaque that hangs on my bedroom wall. During a fiery trial a few years ago, I stumbled upon this. Many times I have read it with tears streaming down my face from a broken heart. Don't misunderstand, I don't replace the word or the comfort my dear Lord gives me with this. It's just a reminder that life happens and heartaches are certain on the path that leads us home. I hope you will be comforted too.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

First Snow

Hubs wanted us to have a snowman, so I am proud to present "Little Man Snow."

We got our first dusting of snow today. It started just as Amanda left for work. I know that snow is not a big deal to most of you, but where I live, it can be a great menace. In fact, insurance companies cringe in fear. Since we don't get that much snow, we are not equipped for it. There is not enough equipment to keep the roads clear, thus causing many fender benders along the way.

Rain has taken over the snow post, so we don't have to worry about getting anything significant,much to Caleb's dismay. School is in!

Tea For Two

I need to clarify that the first tea cup is "Ruby Lace" I failed to post this information previously.

Here are the two newest additions to my collection. They are both Royal Albert. The first one is from the "Old Country Roses" pattern. The second one is "Vintage Florals Grape" The first one is my favorite of the moment.

I have tried both of my tea purchases from the Biltmore and both were delicious. Orange Spice is my usual favorite. There is a wonderful pomegranate that I really like, but I haven't found it at a reasonable price. I could purchase it from one of our local tea rooms, but the price is not agreeable with me.

I have made a decision. I am re-painting my diningroom. I purchased the paint from Home Depot already and will soon start the process all over. It will soon be the same color as my livingroom. Have I mentioned lately how pleased I am with my "cliff rock?"

There was a lot of thought before I made my final decision on the diningroom. I had finally gotten brave and decided to paint it RED. I saw a diningroom painted red and liked it. I asked hubs what he thought about it and his reply was "whatever you want." I wanted him to tell me it was a great idea. This would have taken some of the load off me in the event it looked horrible. He wasn't going to add to my decision one way or another. I made up my mind and sped out to the home improvement wonderland, marched up to the paint counter and asked for one gallon of "cliff rock." I just couldnt' do it.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My List

Over at Sara's , she has created a list that has inspired me. So it is with much love and some amusement I decided to create one about the love of my natural life, as well.

  1. He is christian and attends church with us. (regularly)

    He takes Caleb to school in the mornings, allowing me to sleep late and not have to get Nathan up.

    He has an admiration of shoes. (Something I just realized while typing as I thought about how may pair I remove each day from the livingroom.)

    He is a shower fanatic, taking several a day. (I'm serious, but thankful even though it increases the laundry load.)

    He works very hard, so his family (us) can live in a warm home.

    He is a very good father and enjoys spending time with his children.

    He doesn't mind eating whatever I cook or bring home (fast food) if I don't cook. (thanks honey)

    He will drink hot tea with me. (he prefers coffee)

    He enjoys working out in our yard together.

    He likes to take me on mini, romantic vacations.

    He calls me several times while he is at work, just to chat.

    He never goes anywhere without kissing me "bye"

    He never goes to sleep without kissing me "goodnight"

    He will always let me have a bite of whatever decadent dessert he ordered, but knew I wouldn't.(He does this just for that purpose)

There are many other things I could list, but I will stick to these for now. After reading over it for myself, I know that I have a great guy!

Monday, January 29, 2007

There's No Place Like Home

I typed this yesterday, but blogger was down. Actually, this is the second post. I lost the first one! Very frustrating, but thankfully all is well.

Dorothy wasn't clicking her heels and repeating "There's no place like home" for nothing. She knew what she was talking about. Don't get me wrong, I like to get away as much as possible, but it's everything else that goes with it that makes it a chore. I have to pack the pharmacy, nursery and everyone's wardrobe all for the sake of a two day journey. I mean, how could we not take all these things? We might surely need them.

Anyway, we finally got to visit here.We have wanted to go for quite sometime. We were blessed with complimentary tickets and took full advantage of the opportunity. The history of this place is very interesting. I was anticipating taking lots of pictures, but was not allowed, much to my dismay. Seems they have a "No Camera" policy. However, they were taking group photos inside and wanted to sell them to us. We would not be purchasing any, per my hubby's request. He said if we couldn't take pictures, he wasn't going to buy their's. He is funny like that. I may have been tempted to get them if my eyes weren't closed. Shhhh...don't tell my hubs.

I had contributed more money than I had planned already. While waiting for our "appointment" we were conveniently stationed outside of the various gift shops. I bought Caleb and Nathan lollipops, truffles for Amanda and hubs,and two tea bags for me. One is apricot and the other is cinnamon plum, neither of which I've had before. I decided to browse the bookstore and found a lovely bound copy of "Anne Of Green Gables" this also managed to make it's way into my possession. I thought it was reasonably priced, considering.

This is a picture of Amanda and Caleb huddling together in the cold. The wind was horrid. It was already below freezing and the wind chill made it absolutely miserable to be outside. Although it was a gorgeous, sunny day, I did not want to be outside, neither did they. Another reason I don't have more pictures with them.

This is Nathan with the lollipop and Caleb clowning!

I took this outside while in line.

These others are ones we stopped and took as we were leaving the grounds. No one wanted to pose because it was tooooo cold!

Hehehe, this one is of the ground in case you're wondering. Hubs was having a problem operating the camera!

This is my Nathan hiding in the closet.

Amanda and hubs took Monday off in order for us to be able to lounge around and not have to rush back Sunday night. I wanted to do a little shopping and thought this would give me the perfect opportunity. I just knew I would have the time I wanted to stroll around. After finishing the tour we bundled up and headed to town. My sweet hubs took me on a teacup hunt. I shouldn't say hunt. He actually told me to "hurry up and look" Now those of you that like to shop, this is not something you want to hear. I have been desiring a particular pattern that I have not been able to find locally. I didn't find it here either, but I did find one that I loved. Okay, I confess. I bought two. Ahhhhh, I feel better.

I hurried to the car with my treasures in hand. Hubs and I had discussed leaving early. As we headed back to the cabin where we were staying, it started to snow. This cinched the deal. We did not want to get snowed in and we packed in record time and headed home. My king size bed was await with fresh sheets. After sleeping on a full size bed with Nathan in the middle, I could hardly wait to get there.

We finally made it home and I thanked the Lord for keeping us safe. Now, I'm off to try a cup of apricot tea.