Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My List

Over at Sara's , she has created a list that has inspired me. So it is with much love and some amusement I decided to create one about the love of my natural life, as well.

  1. He is christian and attends church with us. (regularly)

    He takes Caleb to school in the mornings, allowing me to sleep late and not have to get Nathan up.

    He has an admiration of shoes. (Something I just realized while typing as I thought about how may pair I remove each day from the livingroom.)

    He is a shower fanatic, taking several a day. (I'm serious, but thankful even though it increases the laundry load.)

    He works very hard, so his family (us) can live in a warm home.

    He is a very good father and enjoys spending time with his children.

    He doesn't mind eating whatever I cook or bring home (fast food) if I don't cook. (thanks honey)

    He will drink hot tea with me. (he prefers coffee)

    He enjoys working out in our yard together.

    He likes to take me on mini, romantic vacations.

    He calls me several times while he is at work, just to chat.

    He never goes anywhere without kissing me "bye"

    He never goes to sleep without kissing me "goodnight"

    He will always let me have a bite of whatever decadent dessert he ordered, but knew I wouldn't.(He does this just for that purpose)

There are many other things I could list, but I will stick to these for now. After reading over it for myself, I know that I have a great guy!


sara said...

Your list is so cool.

Unashamed said...

This is so sweet. There is nothing like a good marriage and I get great joy out of "seeing" your love affairs. God is so good!

Denise said...

I really enjoyed your list, love rocks!!