Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I am bad for putting off dr. appointments until almost, absolutely necessary because I just don't like to to go. Period.

I realize, as I am getting older, that I may as well get over this little......ummmm....phobia?...maybe?, I am not sure what it is. Anyway, I finally made myself an appointment for an issue I needed to address and decided while I was there I may as well confront a couple of other minor concerns. You know, kinda get everything knocked out in one trip, especially since my co-pay has gone up. The co-pay is almost as much as the office visit use to be! Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. I am soooo thankful for insurance. I know there are many without this privilege.

After taking care of the formalities,(this visit was for a second opinion) I began to get on with the visit explaining the main problem for which I was seeking medical care. This didn't seem to generate too much interest from the attending physician, in fact, she seemed almost bored. She did address my concerns, but almost monotonously. Could this be because I told her I was there for a second opinion? You know, the whole dr. taking care of dr thing? I don't know. I guess it may have something to do with repeating the same thing over and over to women my age. I had three different things to inquire about so I hastily moved on to the last thing on my mental list of ailments. One of them being a mole in a very uncomfortable place. In the last year or so, it seemed to pop up out of no where and then take off with incredible speed and desire to take over!

I thought for sure she would refer me to a dermatologist for evaluation, but I was wrong. Seconds after seeing "the mole" (I had her attention now, by golly) I was told "I am taking care of this today!" Before I knew it, the nurse was in waving her vials of pain killer(in needle form) and saying things like "lie back" and "just relax" like anyone could do such after seeing the little "surgery" kit she brought in with her. Before I knew it, I was numbed up and ready to go...stitches and all. *smile* It didn't take the dr. long to place "it" in a jar to be sent off. I hope to have the results in a couple of weeks. I am believing all is well.

I was totally unprepared for such quick removal, but I have to say, I think sudden decisions are sometimes best. If I was given too much time to think about it, I probably would have opted to wait a little longer......