Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Movie Is Great!

I actually saw the movie the weekend before last, but have failed to post about it. Shame on me!
It is absolutely worth every penny spent we spent to see it. My honey and I haven't been to the theater together in years and I mean YEARS, but we decided to make a special effort to see this movie. I am so glad we did. I have seen Kirk Cameron on various programs and knew he was a christian, but since seeing him in his latest role, I have a completely different opinion of him. I saw him as a mature, man of God for the very first time.

I realize the movie is being targeted towards married couples, but I would encourage everyone, married or only thinking about it, to see it. I think there is something for all. There were a lot of tears shed during the viewing, but I think there were just as many laughs. Yes, laughter. Plenty of laughter. In fact, I think some of the tears were from laughing.....

I can't imagine this movie NOT winning some type of award and I have to say it is the only movie I have seen in the theater that I would pay twice to see again. If you happen to go, please let me know how you enjoyed it.