Friday, December 01, 2006

I Will Be Away.....

Just wanted to let everyone know it will take awhile to finish. I will be busy tonight with a Christmas party. And tomorrow, I am supposed to be out of town. As Anita noted, this is one of those things that does take time to post. I did want to share because of the testimony of Christ. He is amazing! Peace and Love to All.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Part lll

I just want to go back a few minutes to the trip on the way over to the house. DD and beau were riding in separate vehicle and I had called her cell phone for something. I could hear chiming in the background and actually wondered why I always heard this chime when I talked to them while they were in his vehicle. Call me slow sometimes, but it hit me.... this was the seatbelt chime. So I asked if beau had on belt and of course the answer was no. Why not? I asked this question much to dd's dismay. Well since I heard this same chime whenever I talked to them, it only meant one thing, he never wears a seatbelt! Talk about aggravated, but it gets better. After they pass us, Yes. After. They. Pass. Us. I notice that DD isn't wearing one either!!
Cell phone:Rinnnnnggggg!!
DD: Hello
Me: Why don't you have your seatbelt on?
Keep in mind we are on a long, country road that speedster is flying down.
DD: silence and then nostril blowing........grrr....she knows I hate that!
Me: You better put your seatbelt on.....(and then I had to add) You're not married yet!
DD: OK (probably thinking, I'll be glad when I am)
I could not believe this. Our state has a seatbelt law and besides being totally irresponsible, she was breaking the law. (Of course I shared these facts with her) I wanted to add this to show an example of her changing behavior. She was not the same loving daughter that I normally had such a good, open relationship with.

Pulling into the church parking lot the next morning was something. There seemed to be quite a few people there. Now those of you with toddlers that don't
leave them in the nursery, know what it's like to have to make your way down to the front of the church looking for seating. I normally try to stick near the back with baby in case we need to go out. At least until they are older. That's the only time I like to be in the rear. I am normally an upfront girl.
The morning sermon was really good, but I just don't remember what it was about now. What I do remember is after the message, the pastor asked for everyone to come forward to the altar for a time of prayer. Since I was already near the front, this wasn't going to be so hard. I made my way to the front and out of the corner of my eye, I saw my DD coming as well. I don't have to tell you how this quickened my heart. In that same moment, I noticed a dear saint with her arm around DD. She was also coming to the altar. She made her way near me and asked me to come over to them. She wanted to pray for DD. I have to add here that this particular lady was not aware of the engagement until earlier this very morning of which I am speaking of and I had not spoken to her about this at all. She looked at me and said "You know what this is about" She then looked at DD and said to her "This is not the will of God for your life. He is not the one God has for you." DD began to cry, as well as myself.

Part ll

This may take three posts. I don't know. As I stated earlier, I was very uneasy about the upcoming wedding date and I was praying for divine intervention if it was not the will of God for DD. ( I was convinced in my own mind) Some of you may remember my post about lunch with the prospective groom's mother. I had made it clear that day that I had repeatedly stated to DD and beau, that at ANY time either of them felt that they should not go through with it, NOT TO! At the time, she, (prospective groom's mother)also agreed. I came to find out that she felt differently later.
One afternoon, (Thursday) as I was driving toward home, my heart was so heavy. I just could not get the peace of God about this wedding. I soooo wanted to. After all, this is my only daughter and it is such a special occassion. How could I not share everyone else's joy. I could not turn loose of all the thoughts that were invading my heart and mind. "God," I prayed, "I need someone that will join with me and pray." I meant totally agree with me in prayer, but who. I was afraid to try to confide in anyone else about my doubts and fears. I knew it would have to be someone that was not close to the situation. Finally I made it home, opened the door and came in. Not long after getting comfortable on the sofa, my phone rang. I looked at the caller Id, it was not a local number. I cautiously answered the phone and was pleasantly suprised. It was a female aqaintance I had not spoken with in over a year. She usually comes into town once a year, but she was letting me know that she wasn't coming this time. She thought this was the only reason she called, I knew differently. We talked a few minutes and she asked how the family was. I told her that DD was getting married. She knew that I was troubled over this. Now pay attention to what she said to me. "I am going agree with you for divine intervention if this is not the Lord's will for her." Well, at the time, I didn't even comprehend the magnitude of what she had said, but later it dawned on me. This is what I had asked God for, someone to agree with me for this very thing! He is awesome, I tell you!
Well, I can't explain the peace I felt about the situation after this. I had the peace of God. *smile* Seeing things through the natural eye, nothing had changed, but I was changed inside. I knew that He had everything under control.
Saturday morning was one filled with things to do. DD wanted to show me the house she wanted, plus, the final bridesmaid fittings were to be done. We were off to an early start and went by the bridal shop first. DD's gown had not yet been altered and I was going to make a payment on it. Well, I never got around to doing that with all the other girls trying on their dresses and being pinned. I am so glad I didn't either. (I'll explain that later) We were off from here and on to the cute little house the pair planned to live in after the wedding. His mother and sister met us over there. I have left so many things out to shorten this, really I have, but it is still long. I am going to publish this for now and take a break.

RE: Story

I haven't forgotten. I just don't have time to continue right now. I hope to finish later this evening or tonight. I have some things I have to take care of, and sadly enough, I can't fit blogging in right now. :(

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Wedding Story

Some of my friends have been wondering (Sara) how the wedding planning is going. I am going to post an update which may take two posts.

As you may know, Amanda was to get married December 16. As the date was closely approaching, so was my mounting concern. I was starting to notice things that I hadn't before. My daughter seemed to be changing right before my eyes. I no longer felt the passion from her as she sang on the praise team. I felt she was there out of obligation more than anything else. This crushed me. Why was this happening? I tried to brush it off as "mother's jitters", but I couldn't shake the uneasiness I felt in my spirit. I started to confide in one of my friends about my fears, but she cut me off before I could. She was sooo happy about the pending nuptials, how could I not be? The pair seemed perfect for each other. ( I had thought that once) Not that I don't like the prospective groom, I do,(did) but I didn't like what was being revealed. What's more, I couldn't talk to Darling Daughter (will refer to her as DD for the rest of the story) about it as she would "strap" on her invisible helmet and get defensive. Now, what is a mother to do? Well, being that our weapons are not carnal, I did what any mother would do in my position, being prompted by the spirit of God. I begin to pray for divine intervention.
Time to get ready for church. Part 11 later.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"I Won't Let Commercialism Spoil My Christmas"

Ahhh,there's nothing like watching Charlie Brown Christmas to warm your heart. I think it came on a little earlier this year. A Christmas story about the actual meaning of Christmas! How rare is that? I listened as Charlie Brown told the Christmas story and thought "Wow, you don't hear about "the angel Of the Lord" too much on secular television." I also thought how wonderful God is to allow His word to go worth even in a society that is bent on trying to rid the world of Him. I have to smile at this. Another thought was on the children that would be watching that have never heard about the birth of our saviour and would be able to receive the simplicity of it. We serve a mighty God I tell you!

Monday, November 27, 2006

It's Amazing.......

Hah! What do you know? This blog is still here even though it has been about a year! I decided to come back and try it again over here. Besides that, I have friends here and I can't comment on some of their blogs without being a user. I hated to leave FP, but I just couldn't seem to get the hang of it. I kept getting some type of error each time I tried to post. Oh well, Life goes on. It was nice coming back here. I need to update my profile and some other things, hopefully I can get that done later. Just wanted to sign in and check it out! Look out guys, I may be back after all!! *Grin*