Thursday, November 30, 2006

Part ll

This may take three posts. I don't know. As I stated earlier, I was very uneasy about the upcoming wedding date and I was praying for divine intervention if it was not the will of God for DD. ( I was convinced in my own mind) Some of you may remember my post about lunch with the prospective groom's mother. I had made it clear that day that I had repeatedly stated to DD and beau, that at ANY time either of them felt that they should not go through with it, NOT TO! At the time, she, (prospective groom's mother)also agreed. I came to find out that she felt differently later.
One afternoon, (Thursday) as I was driving toward home, my heart was so heavy. I just could not get the peace of God about this wedding. I soooo wanted to. After all, this is my only daughter and it is such a special occassion. How could I not share everyone else's joy. I could not turn loose of all the thoughts that were invading my heart and mind. "God," I prayed, "I need someone that will join with me and pray." I meant totally agree with me in prayer, but who. I was afraid to try to confide in anyone else about my doubts and fears. I knew it would have to be someone that was not close to the situation. Finally I made it home, opened the door and came in. Not long after getting comfortable on the sofa, my phone rang. I looked at the caller Id, it was not a local number. I cautiously answered the phone and was pleasantly suprised. It was a female aqaintance I had not spoken with in over a year. She usually comes into town once a year, but she was letting me know that she wasn't coming this time. She thought this was the only reason she called, I knew differently. We talked a few minutes and she asked how the family was. I told her that DD was getting married. She knew that I was troubled over this. Now pay attention to what she said to me. "I am going agree with you for divine intervention if this is not the Lord's will for her." Well, at the time, I didn't even comprehend the magnitude of what she had said, but later it dawned on me. This is what I had asked God for, someone to agree with me for this very thing! He is awesome, I tell you!
Well, I can't explain the peace I felt about the situation after this. I had the peace of God. *smile* Seeing things through the natural eye, nothing had changed, but I was changed inside. I knew that He had everything under control.
Saturday morning was one filled with things to do. DD wanted to show me the house she wanted, plus, the final bridesmaid fittings were to be done. We were off to an early start and went by the bridal shop first. DD's gown had not yet been altered and I was going to make a payment on it. Well, I never got around to doing that with all the other girls trying on their dresses and being pinned. I am so glad I didn't either. (I'll explain that later) We were off from here and on to the cute little house the pair planned to live in after the wedding. His mother and sister met us over there. I have left so many things out to shorten this, really I have, but it is still long. I am going to publish this for now and take a break.

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I am hanging on , waiting for part three sweety.