Saturday, January 20, 2007

Blogger Blues

I have tried to post a pic for over three hours! I have contacted blogger with the error code I received and now I wait. I might be experiencing difficulties because my blog is on the old blogspot, even though it has supposed to have been "moved" a while back, to the "new" beta. Hah!

It's probably just as well. I am not happy with the pics. They're not the finished product, just peeps, but I wanted to show proof of something. Especially after all my hard work. I have arranged and re-arranged furniture until I am just tired of it. I have faced the reality that I have too much stuff! Did I just say that? Here's another one for you, I don't want to get rid of any of it! Help me! At least something positive has happened during all this. One, I have learned that HGTV is an hour program, but all the remodeling takes place over several days of filming. Do they have a disclaimer concerning this? Two, I have gotten rid of dust as old as my daughter!

Oh, and did I mention that I have changed the curtains again? I am still undecided about this. In the pic I tried to post, the curtain is a lovely "brownstone" but, I can't seem to get "red" out of my mind. I think I want a red curtain. I have a red/burgandy one up there now, but that is apt to change. Where are those guys from HGTV when you need them?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Still Painting

Well, painting resumed again today. I am not finished yet. Once the wall colors started changing, so did my views on what type of light fixture I needed. And of course, new curtains. This meant a trip to Lowes and Wal-Mart. I had picked up a booklet from the lighting area a few weeks ago, but I never thought I would actually purchase one of the featured items. I am partial to the ones with shades that face down instead of up. Curtains were my next stop. I thought Wal-Mart would be the least expensive place to find what I had in mind. I am still debating that one. As a matter of fact, I am peeved a little about this. Have you noticed how manufacturers are taking advantage of us? I started noticing a few years ago how what normally was included with your purchase, is now additional. An example of this is when we purchased our new, electric stove. The cord was a separate purchase! I could not believe this. Printers. Printers use to come with the ink cartridges, now, they are separate also! What is this about?

Okay, back to the curtains. Once upon a time, two panels were included in the package. I found out one panel per package is the norm now, without a reduction in price! Don't you know, the ones I wanted wanted just happened to be the most expensive. I stood in the aisle calculating what I could live without this week and finally decided to make the purchase. The manufacturer had won again! Arrgghhh!

I didn't know when I started this, that I would be making so many changes. I only wanted to paint. I am exhausted! I have been working almost non-stop on this as well as my other "chores." You know, the cleaning, cooking, laundry, and all the other wonderful tasks that eagerly await my attention. It seems as if there is a never ending list. I have popped in and out to check on my fellow bloggers. I haven't gotten around to commenting on most of them, but I hope to soon.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pass Or Fail

I thought I would share this with those of you that haven't already gotten addicted. It's suppose to be a test to pass the third grade. I found it to be fun and a tad bit emabarrassing.

Let me know how many of you pass. *smile*