Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Debbie & Anita's Excellent Adventure (my version- hehehee)

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding
abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, Ephesians 3:20

If someone would have told me when I started blogging that I would actually meet "real" people that would become "real friends" I don't think I would have believed them. After all, the internet is just this great big old "space" that no one can really get a hold on, right? Wrong.......not in this case!

As everyone is aware of we (Anita and I) have been planning this meeting for awhile. What I deemed impossible (she lives in another country you know) God brought to pass! I was excited from the beginning........and a little nervous. It is quite un-nerving to move the computer keyboard and monitor over and "blog" in real time! I told a few friends/acquaintances of my intentions and was met with the "hmmmmm, so, you're going to meet someone from the internet, are ya?" This was enough to quell further conversation. I knew in my heart Anita was not a serial killer *grin* let them think what they wanted.
And even if she were, I thought as I left my hair appointment early Saturday morning on the "day", at least my hair would look good! *smile*

Anita finally called around 3:30 Saturday afternoon to let me know they were getting closer. Yay! I think I know how Paul Revere felt. I wanted to shout to everyone that would listen, "Anita is coming! Anita is coming!" seeing as to how I was in a business at that moment, I decided to stay quiet lest I get myself locked in the shelter for the night. We had decided to meet at the hotel a little before 6. I could hardly wait to see her! Time passed quickly, in fact, so quick I was a few minutes late. (sorry again, Anita)

We finally arrived at the hotel and Caleb and Nathan were out of the car in a flash. As Anita stated earlier, Nathan was the first inside. I could see there were a few people in the lobby sitting down. Although I couldn't see them clearly, I knew Anita was one of them. She was on her feet immediately and we were hugging each other and sharing a moment we had both anticipated. WE WERE NOT STRANGERS! I am convinced we are related. hehehee.......

I had it all planned. My husband would take a great picture of Anita and I meeting for the first time. Did this happen? No, it did not. *sigh* I really wanted a picture of that, but I treasure the ones I do have. Since Anita shared the one of us together I will try not to post the same ones. (I liked hers better anyway, *smile*)
This is Anita, as we all know and love, greeting Nathan and making him feel comfortable at the hotel. He was probably wondering what in the world was going on and who are all these people. hehehehee

You would think the way the guys bonded that they were the ones that had been blogging! Although neither one mentioned it, I think both of them had earlier thoughts of "what if I don't like this guy and have to be stuck him" Isn't God wonderful. These two weren't strangers either! They talked nonstop!

These are two I took before heading to the church to eat supper. Aren't they precious? Very handsome pose there Kirk and of course, Allie was dazzling everyone with her newly acquired "southern smile" I don't know where Brent was......

It was already dark when we left the hotel for the church, but I don't think it would have been a problem to see our way there even if we didn't have car lights. I think all of us were grinning so brightly our way would have been illuminated......oh wait.....
was that bright light from our grins or was it from a piece of jewelry someone was wearing of whom I shall refrain from naming..........hehehehee

Here are the girls at the church supper and...........

Here are the boys

Told you they were having just as much fun!

Oh, I forgot to show you my precious, precious gifts Anita gave me!
I anxiously opened this pretty blue box

to find this. I just adore it! Can you see how beautiful the pansies are? She knew I would love it!

She also gave me a can of the famous Tim Horton coffee. Graham is a BIG coffee drinker and will be the first to try it!

We decided to take a quick tour of downtown and then head over to the base. It was getting late so there wasn't too much to do. The kids decided they wanted to hangout at walmart and we were happy to oblige them so we could spend more time together. Anita and I got to ride in the back of her van and the boys drove. It was just like a double date! Since the post(military) is "closed" because of the w*r, we knew we would be stopped at the gates if we didn't have an official sticker on our vehicle. We would also have to provide ID's. We had to get out of the van so it could be checked but it was not as extensive as I thought it would be. I really wish it had been daylight.
Here is a couple of pics of Anita in the back of the van (these are great...did you spot her "ears"?!) and I took these of her taking pics of a place on post, those not too good, but I hope you can see.

These are a couple I took after returning to the hotel. We were getting ready to leave, but as you can see, my honey was engulfed in conversation.

We were having a great time, but we were all tired and knew we needed to get some rest for the next morning.

Anita did make it to church a bit earlier than we did, but we still got to sit behind them. Knowing they were not accustomed to the same type service as I am, I wondered what they would think. Not to worry though......it wasn't long before we were no longer defined by denominational boundaries. We were just God's children. Worshipping together. It was just heartwarming to see how much Brent was enjoying the service. I can't help but smile now thinking about it as I type this.

Anita had previously mentioned that they were planning to leave after church. I was hoping that we could have Sunday dinner together and when they agreed I was overjoyed! We had talked about Cracker Barrel earlier and decided this would be the place to eat. We were told that our wait would be 20 to 25 minutes, but we waited much longer than that. We were so caught up in conversation, we hardly noticed. We sat outside in the unseasonal, but beautiful weather and rocked and relished in our short time left together. Here are a few more pictures outside the restaurant.

And of course, here are a couple more of Anita and I. I just love her!

We finally got inside cracker barrel to eat and the fun continued.

There's my Brent! *smile*

I knew the inevitable was coming. I was going to have to see Anita and her beautiful family leave and head north. This is her family plus one of mine......*smile* right before they were to load into the van for the long trip.

I was feeling sad, but happy all at the same time. Sad because I didn't want to see them leave and happy for the time our lives had intertwined. I truly feel the Lord multiplied the time we had together. I know that Anita mentioned how amazing it has been and she is not exaggerating. Blessed, blessed, blessed. We have been blessed this past weekend. Things just don't happen the way our awesome weekend visit has happened. God has graciously blessed us with an extended family. Can anyone guess where our summer vacation plans are forming?