Thursday, February 15, 2007


I hope all had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Of course hubs had to work so I knew to make plans accordingly. I decided to take my mother out to lunch. She seemed to be pleased with that idea and off I went. She lives about thirty minutes away if I drive the interstate and Iusually do. It was nice be able to spend time with her. There was a time awhile back that I wondered if she would ever be able to do *normal* things again. To God, I am grateful for He has restored her health.

I knew it was sorta hard on Amanda today. Actually, I think it has wore on her for the last couple of days. She had mentioned how her co-workers would be receiving the usual flower and candy expressions of love on this day and how she would not. I tried to ease the pain a little by having her Valentine gift and card ready to greet her upon her awakening. I got her the cutest, gold, heart necklace with matching earrings. She wears more silver, but it was not available. Thankfully, she loved it anyway, in fact, she wore it to work. Her dad also spoiled her with a teddy bear that held a heart pillow inscribed with "Daddy's Little Girl."

Caleb has always been the easiest to please. Knowing this, I got him the heart balloon and his favorite candy. He loves Snickers candy bars. This was his first time ever getting the "big" pack. He thought he had hit the lottery. I started to get him a box of the usual fare, but I knew it would be wasted. He doesn't normally eat too much of that kind of stuff. Grateful, yes, I am. He liked his card as well.

I did purchase Nathan a small box of valentine candy. He is a different story when it comes to eating the junk. Definite limits, but my fear was soon averted. He was hilarious. He took one bite out of each piece and as soon as he got the chocolate all chewed up in his mouth, he would spit it out. That was it. He was finished. Hmmm.... I should try this to help ease the calorie consumption. The balloon was another story. He romped and played with that about all day.

I just have to tell you about my adventure while out buying my family's Valentine's gifts. I have a few places that I love to browse around. I have mentioned my *love* for the Ross Dress For Less before and I also *love/like* T. J. Maxx. I have found some real treasures at these places in the past. In an earlier post I wrote about searching for particular tea cup. Well, I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!! It was a complete and utter suprise to me. If you knew how many times I have combed the shelves looking for this pattern, you would understand. I have found a few pieces, but that is another story I will explain later. When I rounded the end of the counter and spied not one, but two of them sitting on the shelf, I was pure giddy. I know, I should be embarrassed about that and I am. Ahem, moving along, I picked them up ever so gently and welcomed them into my family. I have asked previously about the matching teapot and was told that they get it occassionally, but it is rare. I was content for now with my delicate darlings and cushioned them carefully in the backseat for the rest of the journey.

Before going home, I decided to stop at Marshalls. I had the strange thought that I might find the matching teapot there. As I got out of the car I felt a little rush of excitement. My niece was with me and I turned to her before getting to the china area and said "If that teapot is here, you will have to scoop me up and take me home." I strolled through the doors and to the back of the store and I AM NOT JOKING WHEN I TELL YOU THIS, I had to put my hand over my mouth to keep from making a sound that would surely have a S.W.A.T. team on site. Sitting on a shelf that I had looked at so many times before was the matching teapot that had not been there so many times before!! God is sooooo gooood!!

Now some might say "What has God got to do with this?" Well, remember when I mentioned I had found a few pieces of this pattern before? Here's what happened.
On one of my expeditions I found a beautiful bowl in this same lovely pattern. It just so happened another lady was watching me admire this beautiful piece. She quickly picked it up as I sat it down. I looked past her and saw a big, red box. This is unusual because most pieces are not boxed in this area. Upon examination, I found it to be another bowl just like the first one except it had two pieces that were included for the same price and of course, missing from the first one. The same lady that had picked up the first one was eagerly awaiting my decision on the second one. Believe me, I would have loved to have had this bowl. She asked me if I was going to purchase it and I decided to let her have it. I am not sure she was expecting this as she stammered "Are you sure? You know, Finders, keepers." Again, I let her know it was her's for the taking. She placed it in her cart and got away from there quickly all the while thanking me.

When I first found the teacups, the lady came back to mind. I am fully convinced that I was blessed to *find* the pieces I have been searching for because I relinquished the bowl. It is amazing to know that God, being as great as He is would be concerned about such. Isn't He just wonderful?

Without further ado, I present my latest. And Yes, they are wonderful Valentine, anytime treasures!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bible Quiz

After I posted this I read the little summary and my thoughts were Hah! Not hardly! I DO NOT KNOW IT ALL! It's just a fun little quiz.

Well, definetly not bragging here, cause I lack reading the word as much as I should lately, but since Beth had her results posted, thought I would too.

You know the Bible 96%!

Wow! You are awesome! You are a true Biblical scholar, not just a hearer but a personal reader! The books, the characters, the events, the verses - you know it all! You are fantastic!

Ultimate Bible Quiz
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Monday, February 12, 2007


Well, I don't have anything earth shattering to share, but here I am. I have been quite the busy lady lately. Hmmm...that's almost a tongue twister. I have thought of everyone almost daily, but I haven't had the time I needed to stop and post. Something embarrassing did happen to me in Wal-Mart the other day. Since my secret is out about Nathan NOT being potty trained, I will share.
I went to Wal-Mart for what I thought to be an uneventful trip. Once again, I had gone to the huge one that recently opened. Not long after arriving, my sweet one had "did" one and had me looking for the restroom. I went in and just for a fleeting moment, I noticed that there wasn't that many stalls for it to be such a large store. The thing I was impressed with was the changing table. It was nice, large and clean. Very interesting. I was trying to hurry and change Nathan as I heard someone "in" one of the stalls. Just as I was getting his pants up, A man walks in. YES. IT. WAS. A. MAN. With a huge look of shock on his face, he backed up. Another guy was right on his tracks. Thinking about it, they must have been together because he came in behind him. By this time, I am totally embarrassed and I am stammering, sweating, wondering, and trying to figure out why am I in here with two men. Trying to keep it together, I very nicely mumble something about not being in the right place.
All the while I am thinking surely these two men have made a mistake. I mean, I know I am in the right place. I pick Nathan up and try to walk out so nonchalantly. Upon exiting the bathroom, I am met by several men and women that have congregated outside the door. Yes, they were all there and had witnessed the conversation that had just taken place inside the restroom. And there it was, the plaque with the the male figure to indicate which sex had the right to use this facility. Now, I could have just died. Talk about stammering and murmuring incoherently, I was doing that for sure.
I don't remember looking at that sign before entering the bathroom. One reason is because at the Wal-Mart closest to my home, this is the location of the ladies' room. I now know that the placement of the restrooms is the opposite of what I am use to.
As for the person that was in a stall, (whom I assumed was a female) they never made another sound that I heard. I never saw them exit the restroom either. Then again, after I made my grand exit, I didn't stick around for a finale.