Friday, December 29, 2006

Sara Isn't The Only One

I think it is just wordpress that thinks I am spam. I had gone over to comment on another blog and couldn't. I had the same problem there as I was having over at
Sara's. I can't figure it out. I changed my email address, name, and page to see if that would eliminate the problem, but no. Sara, I am sorry. I guess you will have to fish my comments out of the spam filter, cause you know I have to say something. *smile* I love your blog!

It has been another day filled with sunshine, but I haven't accomplished much. I had planned to clean the car. Oh well, rain is predicted the weekend so I guess I would be defeating the purpose. I thought about taking down the tree, (No I haven't taken down my tree, yet) I wanted to keep it up until we had "Christmas" with my sister and my BIL. He is home from Iraq for two weeks. He has a lot of plans. Taking a trip to NY is one of them. I will post more about them later and with pictures, of course!


sara said...

good thing you're worth fishing for!

shortybear said...

Hey my sweet friend, hope your BIL enjoys his time home. We are expected to get rain here this weekend too, stay dry. I love you.