Friday, December 22, 2006

What About Jesus?

This is the thought that has constantly been returning through the memory channels of my mind. It has been brought about from the unpacking of my small nativity this year. I started unwrapping each figure to display it and got to the last one and couldn't find baby Jesus. I picked up the box and looked in it and shook it, but no Jesus. What on earth could have happened to him?

I decided to go ahead and place the nativity on top of the curio without Jesus. Later, I begin to think about all the things associated with Christmas. The shopping, decorating, parties, baking, wrapping, I could go on and on here. And sad to say, most of these are done without Jesus! I can, and have testified to the fact of how easy it is to get so caught up in celebrating, that we *forget* the WHY.

I can easily replace the baby Jesus in a nativity, but I can never replace Jesus in my heart! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!


shortybear said...

A great big amen sweety, no one, or nothing can, or will, ever replace Jesus in my heart or life. Happy Birthday precious Jesus.

Lisa said...

I brought a "Happy Birthday Jesus" cake to Wyatt's class yesterday! (public school!) They were bringing food to share how they celebrate the holidays. We have b'day cake for Jesus on Christmas eve. It was so cool to shine the Light in a public school classroom! :-)

I'm liking the new look to your page!

Have a VERY Merry Christmas my friend!


Kelli said...

Wishing you and your family and Blessed and Merry Christmas!

sara said...

good post! hope you find the statue.

In my family's tradition, we don't put Him in the manger until Christmas eve. I think I'll write a little blog about this. Come check it out.

Beth said...

Well said, sweetie! Good for you! We're making Him a cake today (I hope) for Monday's munching! Merry Christmas!

sara said...

Debbie, I think (hope) I fixed the problem you were having commenting on my blog.

Unashamed said...

Blessed Christmas, Debbie.