Friday, January 26, 2007

The Feeling

I think we may all have had it. The feeling that we shouldn't do something, but we do it anyway. This happened to me today. I had gone into the laundry room when Nathan came looking for me. He ran into the kitchen and straight into the corner of the kitchen cabinet. I rushed to scoop him up and cradle him in my arms. After calming him, I sat him on the countertop to inspect his injury. Thankfully, he only had a red mark on the side of his head. I opened to cabinet to find something to soothe him. This was mistake number one.

He had spied the forbidden. Hiding in the shadows was a can of hard "Christmas Candy" that should have been thrown out. It tastes yucky to everyone except Nathan. He is a hard candy,lollipop eating toddler, wanne be. I don't usually allow him to have this because of the choking hazard. Not to mention the sugar induced energy and tooth decay.

He began to point and whine for the candy. I had the *feeling* not to give it to him and hesitated momentarily, but he wasn't going to give up easily, and I knew it. I wanted to make him feel better, so I rationalized with *the feeling* with thoughts like "I'll keep my eyes on him" and "he's never had a problem before." This was mistake number two.

I gave him a small piece and took him off the counter. He sauntered happily into the livingroom, slurpping on his sugary treat. I turned around briefly to grab some clothes off a chair. When I turned back around I knew something was wrong. He was not making a sound and he had a look on his face that screamed fear to me. Immediately I ran to him and gave him the "mama wallop." I pounded him at least three times on his back causing the life threatening object to dislodge. He was fine. I wasn't. I was frantic and had to sit a few moments to stop shaking.

There are many children that have been in the same situation that Nathan encountered today. Not all have ended with the same results. I shudder to think of the little ones that never took another breath. I give all praise to my loving God for not allowing MY indiscretion to bring about devastating results. He has given us the Holy Spirit to guide us if we will be obedient. He doesn't want us to "shake it off" or minimize it by liking it to just human nature of "fear."

Lord, I pray to always be sensitive to your Spirit and to obey.


Denise said...

Bless your heart, I praise God that Nathan is ok.

Beth said...

OMgoodness, honey! I can't imagine! My mom unknowingly gave #1 a piece of hard candy once and she got that "choking cough fit" but never a complete blockage. Praise Him that you knew what to do and praise Him that Nathan's OK! (((hugs)))

sara said...

Praise God for His protection and for giving you the presence of mind to do the mama wallop.

Much, much love to you. Hugs. I know how scary that must have been.

BrideOfChrist said...

Oh my! As a teacher of K-5 students I can't even imagine that feeling and hope that I never have to. Bless your heart for acting so quickly! Hugs and lots of love to you and your little on!

lady of value said...

Oh Debbie, praise God you saw him when you did! I was in church one Sunday and the usher come to me and said "you are needed in the nursery". As I exited the front door, there was my daughter on the sidewalk, (then a toddler) and the nursery worker, an older lady, who had given her a piece of hard candy and she had choked on it!! Thank God there was a nurse in church already out there and they had gotten the candy out of her mouth. The older woman was so upset and I was upset with her, but tried to calm her as well. I know that feeling you had today and it is not a good one. I pray you have a calm weekend.

Lisa said...

Praise God he is okay! Too scary!!