Thursday, January 11, 2007

Phone Talk

Yesterday evening in our house:

Phone rings:

Caleb: Oh hey grandma. (my MIL)

Silence.......... (this is where grandma is talking, only we can't hear her)

Caleb: Except on the weekends.


Caleb: He's asleep.


Caleb: She just got off her laptop.


Caleb: Her laptop.


Caleb: She just got off her laptop. ( A little louder) Errrr..... you want to speak to her?

Grandma has no idea what a laptop is!
If I were a liar, and thank God I'm not, this is where I would have said to him "Tell her it's new exercise equipment" this would have made her very happy!

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shortybear said...

Thanks for making me laugh, lol