Monday, March 05, 2007

Headaches and Purses

It's that time of year again. The sinus pressure that causes the dreadful headache that announces the beginning of Spring. I awoke with one this morning, but Praise God, it was a beautiful day!

I have been busy, busy over the weekend. I had two birthday parties, TWO! I would like to go into detail about why I had two, but I don't want to destroy the image of my perfect mothering skills. Let's just say "better late than never." *smile*

Since discovering Ross Dress For Less and T.J. Maxx, I rarely visit the mall anymore. When I go to the mall, you can bet I hit Kirkland's and Bath and Body Works. I love the new pomegranate lotion at B&B. It smells wonderful. I had a gift card and used every penny of it, plus more, sad to say, but I sure smell good. I had a nice visit to Kirkland's as well. I was only there to browse, but something caught my eye and you know what happened next. Before I knew it, I was at the checkout with a sachet. Their's are the best, you know. That's not all, I must confess, I bought a purse. I know, like what are they doing selling purses? After all, isn't this a *home* store?

I have noticed that the quilted look ones are *in* around here, especially by a certain designer. These were not designer, but looked as good for a fraction of the price. On top of all this good news, there was one in a color combination that I actually liked. (green, for those who may not know what my favorite color is) I took it off the rack and before I could pay for it, another lady had the other one just like it. ( I know she saw mine and had to have it) *smile*
I was going to post a picture, but my flash drive for the camera is in my other purse in the back of the car and.......don't ask.


lady of value said...

Pass the Advils!! I know that headache exactly!! Pollen season here too, achoo!!
We have a new TJMaxx in the neighboring county, but I haven't been to it yet. Never been in Kirkland's, I'm not sure we even have them here. I got some dishtowels from Kirkland's for Christmas and some of the B&B pomegrante hand soap too. It is delightful, unfortunatly mine is gone. Boo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Aw...I hope you'll post a pic eventually! Glad you got such a nice deal and the pomegranite sounds very nice! I'll have to pick some up. I need a new 'spring' purse myself..!

Denise said...

Hey sweety, glad you enjoyed your shopping. I love bath&body, could spend days in there, lol

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Good morning, Miss Debbie! Hope you are feeling OK today. It was bee-U-tee-ful here yesterday too! Congrats on the new purse...I have the same one Da Hubby gave me FIVE years ago...a green canvas and leather number from Duluth Pack! *wink*

They are meant to last FOR-EV-RRR and I have to say it HAS outlived several diaper bag! *wink*

Have a great day! (((hugs)))

Lisa said...

My headache is better today, hope yours goes away too! Gotta love the change in seasons.... haha!

I need a purse. I just haven't found the right one yet, but I'm sure that I will. I have to take Wyatt to buy shorts and tennis shoes afterschool today. He's outgrowing things again!

Hope that both parties went well! YOU had quite the busy weekend!!

Have a great Tuesday!
Lisa :-)

lady of value said...

Hey Debbie!! I have 2 purses, one a very small, too small black one and a very large, too large to carry black one. I desperately need a new one as well!!