Thursday, July 05, 2007

Rocking Blogger?

This was a surprise to me!! LOL..... My sweet friend Angel Mama over at Pearls of Wisdom blessed me with this a few days ago and I am just getting around to passing on the love. She is definitely a deserving candidate. We have only recently *met* but found we have so much in common such as our love for God, our family, our homes, and of course *with a big smile* our love of tea and it's customs. Thank-you, Angel Mama. Without further ado and in no particular order, I now will pass the "torch" to few others. Most of my favorites have received it already such as Anita , Denise, and Sharon . Congratulations, ladies.

I'll start with my other friend, Sharon from Days Of Gladness. I enjoy reading of her busy schedule juggling church ministry and family. She is one busy woman and enjoys doing the work of the Lord.

Joy in F.R.O.G. or Marilee is new to Blogger, but not the blogging world. She is and old friend from FaithPrints who has always been a great encourager. She is a Born Again Christian in every sense of the word and excited about it! Praise God!

Beth at Life With Two Little Vikings is another FaithPrints alumni. She if a faithful blogger and I admire the fact that she can post more than once a day AND about different topics! LOL

Lisa at Sound Proof Room and Sara from Toward The Mark are also from our FaithPrints days. Two more deserving ladies and I treasure their friendship. Lisa is my west coast buddy that shares pieces of her life and her love for the Lord and she takes care of her son. And Sara blesses me with her post that make me think all while taking care of her little Jack and new baby Harry.

And then there is Iris from Sting My Heart. I think she already received this award as well. She is also a wonderful encourager and I enjoy reading her devotions and such. She is a blessing to the blogging community.

If you haven't already, go on over and visit each of these wonderful ladies. They will bless you as they share their hearts and lives.

Thanks again, Angel Mama.


Denise said...

Congrats, you truly do rock my friend.

Marilee said...

"Mind" coming by your blog??? LOL... Sister Debbie it's my great PLEASURE to stop by your blog!!! But any reason to get a message from you is a BLESSING so thanks for posting!

This is such a sweet post and since I know most of these awesome women I have to chime in and say that I totally agree with what you have written about them!!!

I do miss our old FaithPrints days... but I look forward even more to our ETERNAL days in Heaven!!! How I long for HOME...

Thank you very much for honoring me in this post. All that I am is because of Jesus!!! HE gets all the credit!

I love you much my sister-in-Christ! HUGS!!! Love, Marilee

Dapoppins said...

Wow, you know a lot of rockin girl blogger's who LOVE the Lord!

Angel Mama ( Pearls of Wisdom) said...

You really deserve this award. Thank you for your wonderful posts that are an inspiration to me, your sweet visits and comments mean the world. I love getting to know you and becoming better friends each day.



Lady of Value said...

Aww, thanks Debbie! How sweeeet! You really deserve this award too, you are such an encourager to me. I feel like we have so much in common as well.

God is clearly at work in all our lives, and we have a good "neighborhood" here for accountability, don't you think?

Lotsa love,

Unashamed said...

I'm so embarrassed. I posted my "award" and then promptly forgot to pass it along to others. I'm glad that Angel chose you. I would have otherwise, *wink*!

Lisa said...

Thank you my friend!! I, too, echo Sharon, we have a wonderful sisterhood of believers that grows with time. I look forward to eternity "rockin'" with you!!


eph2810 said...

Angel Mama picked a wonderful blogger to receive this award - you do rock, Debbie...

Thank you so much for sharing your kind words about Sting my Heart :) Yes, I had received a award, but it is always nice to know that others think that I 'rock' :)

Be blessed today and always.

Anonymous said...

eh. 10x for )

Anonymous said...

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