Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Yes, my friends! We had snow! It wasn't anything measurable, of course, but nevertheless, SNOW! In November! I was taken by complete surprise as I stared out the window. I took a picture with my cell phone, but it didn't capture the fine flurries, so you will have to imagine it with me. If only I would have had my regular camera....*sigh*

Whatcha' think about that ANITA?!! *smile*


Lady of Value said...

Yes, it is cold here too!! We had temps in the low 30's this morning. Brrrr!! But lots of sunshine!

Did the changes i made fix my blog, if not let me know and we'll try something else.

Unashamed said...

No!! Say it isn't so! Oh, I am disillusioned now :( Well guess what? We have snow too. Not much - enough so that the grass is covered. We have snow in the forecast for almost every day for the next two weeks. That's a bit early for me. Guess I've gotten used to the recent mild winters where we don't get any snow until January. Hey, any day I don't have shovel is a good day to me!

Lisa said...

I just won't tell you guys what the temperature was today. I want you to still like me... :-)

Glad Nathan is doing okay. Wyatt is supposed to get his flu shot and now I'm having doubts! I haven't scheduled it yet.

Unashamed said...

PS - I was telling Alli about your snow and she asked me when you guys are coming for a visit (hint, hint). I told her definitely not until the snow is gone!!

Debbie said...

Yea, don't tell us.....*smile*
We'd still like you even if you did let it slip......
I do love the warm weather, but I have to say, the cool has been a nice change after the hot summer. It seems to make the holidays more seasonable.

Anita, You got that right!! I couldn't imagine being NORTH during such!

Tell Alli and the fellows I said hello. You never know when we may "Check in" on you guys!