Thursday, December 07, 2006

How Many Days???

Since I can't post a picture of my tree, (I'm sorry, it is in a box somewhere) I decided to post a candle. It is festive looking I think.

I don't think I have ever been this late putting up my tree. We are now out of the twenty-something days, to the teens. I am behind schedule and can't seem to catch up. Why is it when one plan seems to fall apart, it lays the foundation for the next one to come unwrangled? Now that I think about it, my week pretty much started off in that manner. I can remember thinking to myself Sunday afternoon, " I should have stayed home." I have learned to repeat this phrase to no one except myself,(and under my breath, only then) unless I want to start a battle of the bands with my DH. In the essence of the season, I prefer "peace on earth" and definitely "goodwill toward men."

I have a hair appointment today and can't sleep tonight. I want something different. I am at that age that long hair is too "young" for me and short hair is too "old" for me. Besides the fact that neither perform the slimming ability that I desire! If only I could exit from the establishment with a complete body makeover! I mean, c'mon, we're been sending people to the moon for years now and we're no closer to have a fat reducing device developed? It's just depressing to go in and have that plastic cap strapped on my head and realize the full reality of my "full" facial features. Very unattractive without hair. I will continue the cycle of looking at the "Hair" mags and decide on one, only to "chicken out" at the last minute. Yeah, just give me my old dirty blonde. I actually prefer it over the gray.


Anonymous said...

Roaring with laughter here! I don't know what it is about those plastic capes they make you wear, but they make my double chin appear triple or quadruple. NOT an attractive look for me!

Hey, try not to stress about your tree and "the plan". After years of overdoing it at Christmas (and getting stressed out over it), one year we took our family vacation right in the middle of December. Before we left I was too busy with vacation plans to do any preparations for Christmas (ie. shopping, decorating, wrapping, baking etc). When we got back it was too late to do much about it. And you know what? Christmas came anyway! It was a total epiphany for me - Christmas comes no matter whether I slave over the preparations or not. Understanding this has freed me to focus less on the outward and more on the inward stuff. Don't fret! You're tree will get up eventually and it will be all good.

Anonymous said...

Could not have said it better myself Anita, everything will work out for the best. Christmas is in your heart, it is about celebrating Jesus, and being with your precious family. The rest of the stuff will all fall in place sweety. I love you, no matter how long, short, or whatever your hair looks like, and so does Jesus. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

:) I know what you mean about the hair. My fiance is hooked on my tailbone length auburn hair and will simply faint if I ever cut it - but he's not the one that has to manage it lol. I hate those short "mom haircuts" (I call them that because my mom has the same 50's hairstyle from when she was younger than me lol!) I went to school for cosemtology and can suggest a just above the shoulders length but with long layers and angles framing your face and grow out your bangs if you have any. By doing this, you are still having that length that you want without all the fuss and the angles and layers make it a little more "hip" without all the effort of long hair. If you have full features (like I do) having bangs cuts your face almost in half which makes your face smaller. But long layers...not layers - there's a difference. Layers can start super short and look very messy and silly if they aren't done right - long layers give shape and slenderness to any round and fuller face (like mine). Additionally, if you are looking for something a little brighter, try adding some highlights just around your face and throughout the top of your hair (meaning the top "layer") A full head of highlights is not only expensive, but expensive to maintain. But just a few scattered throughout that top layer and especially around your face will brighten you up and not be all that costly. Think "sun kissed". Also, for a more youthful appearance and to make your features more pleasing to you, make sure your eyebrows are done correctly :) Look online for how to do that - its hard to explain. Change up your makeup routine too - a great makeup line and skincare line, honestly, is bare essentuals (can't spell it) - I have very light, sensitive skin and this stuff is AWESOME. Or, try Aveno daily brightening facial pads - they come in a round jar. Use that with Clean and Clear Morning Burst moisturizer - It has SPF 15 in it which you need every day and it also has little tiny scrubbies in it that dissolve as you rub it in to make your complexion nice and bright :) Skip the heavy foundation for a tinted moisturizer - or go for a light foundation if you wear any that is - such as Sally Hansen Spray on Foundation - apply with a sponge and blend from your throat to your foreheat - dont skip the throat - you'll get a line :). Keep colors young, nothing harsh, and don't be afraid to put that lovely light pink blush right on the apples of your cheeks blending towards your temples to create nice cheekbones.

Whew that was a long comment - sorry - but I hope it helped - Skincare and makeup and stuff are my passion!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Bride of Christ, can I have a makeover too? LOL! Debbie! I have no tree yet! You aren't alone, my friend!!


Anonymous said...

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