Sunday, March 25, 2007


I know these are in random order, but does anyone want to guess where we spent Saturday?

My boys. Notice what Nathan is clutching.

My wonderful hubby still going strong after 4 hrs. sleep.

This is a pond in a little sub.

This is Caleb's prize shell.

And here he strikes a pose.

This is Amanda "striking a pose" she is such a cut up!
Can you see the seagull? The camera didn't capture the beauty of it completely.
Beautiful surf. This is the same beach hubs and I started vacationing at over 20 years ago, right after we were married. We choose to bring our children here because it is one of the smaller beaches that caters to families and one that is the last to sell alcoholic beverages. A great big plus to this!
This is a little cafe by the beach. We always walk past it to get to the ocean, but we have never eaten there. Isn't that strange?

My handsome son collecting shells.
I love my babies!

Nathan with one of his "finds".

Nathan was so cute picking up shells. He didn't want to be disturbed. These birdies were looking for food. We didn't bring anything with us today. They can get really bad in the summer. We didn't see many of them on this trip.

This is the pier that leads to the water. It is a nice walkway now, compared to what it use to be. It's still a little narrow, but then again, they think everyone is a size 0. *grin*

This is what I saw after descending the pier. Caleb and Amanda's shoes. They were in a hurry to get the first season sand between their toes.
Shell searching. It wasn't crowded on the beach today. Of course it's not time yet. Just wait until Easter weekend.

My beautiful girl. I am soooo blessed! We had such a wonderful day! I praise God for His blessings on my family. It is by His grace, and His grace alone.
I hope you all have enjoyed my little photo album. I would have like to organize it better, but it's getting late and I wanted to get it on. I have a long day ahead of me. We have Pastor Appreciation tomorrow. Maybe that will be my next post.


Denise said...

I love these pictures, your family is so beautiful. I am glad you all enjoyed your day, love you.

Unashamed said...

I did enjoy these! My husband took a peek too. I can't believe you can be on the beach and it's not even April!!! That just blows my mind. When I was a kid we always used to bug and bug my folks to let us go swimming on the Victoria Day weekend (May 24th). It was always still way too cold but we'd wear 'em down! It typically doesn't get truly warm enough to swim until around Father's Day. You are so blessed to live that close to the beach!

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

I don't where that is but it is absolutely BEE-YOU-TI-FULL! Reminds me a lot of Lake Michigan! *wink*

Debbie said...

Thank you, Denise. And yes, it was sooo much fun.

The water is still too cold right now. It usually isn't warm enough for swimming until June. Then again, that is my opinion. There are plenty of people that go in way before that. See what you're missing? *grin* It's about one and a half hour drive to the coast.

Beth, this is the great Atlantic coastline. Just a few miles from Myrtle Beach. EVERYONE has heard of Myrtle, right? Of course it is just over the state line into South Carolina. And of course, I agree with you, it is bee-you-ti-full! *grin*

Debbie said...

I meant that Myrtle Beach is over the state line into South Carolina. After I re-read the comment, it sounded as if I was saying we were in SC Saturday. We were definitely in the great NC. :)

BrideOfChrist said...

What a lovely day you all must have had. You know, I grew up here at the infamous Jersey Shore, but I just love southern shore lines...the sand is so much finer, and there are great shell finds too as your children found out too :)

Lisa said...

FUN, FUN, FUN!! Wonderful photos too!

Sharon said...

Your family is beautiful, Debbie! Thanks for sharing your photos with us!