Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Templates And Other Goodies

I was itching for a change (especially after visiting Sharon) and decided to play around with my template a little bit and this is what I came up with.....for now, anyway. *smile* This is one of my favorite pictures. It just takes me back to a much simpler time. *sigh*

Praise God for the rain! We didn't get a whole lot, but WE GOT SOME!!! I don't know about anyone else, but we have been in a drought around here. If all goes according to predictions we should get more tomorrow and maybe through the weekend. This is much welcome news. We are suppose to have our annual church Fall Festival Saturday, but I think everyone would trade it for a nice, soaking rain.

I have something else to praise God for. My BIL is coming home!!! He should be in Saturday morning! I thank God for protecting him. He has been through a lot and seen some horrible things. Please continue to pray for him and all the other men that return home that they will adjust to being back from the war zone. It is not easy.

My sister has been so busy getting ready for his return. She has been redecorating her home all while working full time. I am so proud of her........ I love my little sissy.

I decided to change speech therapist. Some of you may remember my concerns a few months back. I won't be able to get Nathan in to see the new one until December. I was hoping to get him in sooner, but with everything I have to keep me busy it will be here sooner than you know it.


Let me see.............................

what else?................

Oh yeah, I got my biopsy results. It was normal.....Again I praise God! He is always faithful!!
I found out that I have a small hernia. This was included in the report that was mailed out to me. Funny how the dr. didn't mention it previously.

I think we will be changing phone companies. Can I hear a big PRAISE THE LORD, Anita?!! The hubs has spoken. He says he has had enough! Digital phone is on the way out. I hope they have some type of promotion that will save some money. (please, Lord)


Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

I really like the color scheme! Yea, for the rain, for your BIL's return home, and for your negative biopsy! Praise God! That ROCKS!

Melanie said...

I am so glad you are back! Thanks for the updates. I really missed you.

I love the new look!

Denise said...

I love your new look, and I love you my friend.

Karen said...

Wonderful news on your biopsy results!
I will pray for your BIL's trip home to be a safe one. It's wonderful to see their faces again!

Marilee said...

I totally love the new look to your page! It makes me want to start thinking about changing up mine... but wow, I'm just not that educated on how to "play" with codes and stuff... so we'll see.

Praise the Lord for His goodness and blessings in your life!!! He is SO awesome!

Where is your BIL coming home from? Iraq? (If so, what part of Iraq?) My son is due to come home in December. He's in northern Iraq. We're praying he will not be delayed - again. He was originally supposed to come home in Sept.

I'll pray for your BIL & his family!

Thanks for the nice update!
Love you!!! Marilee

Unashamed said...

Thanks be to God for all his blessings to you. Wonderful news all around! You don't have to have any surgery for the hernia do you?

Sharon said...

Great news! Praise God! I'm glad you're back. :-)

Sharon said...

Oh Duh!! I meant to mention that I really like the new look!
BTW, how do you make your post signature? I haven't been able to figure that out yet.

Also, I'm very happy to hear that your BIL is coming home. Let him know how much I appreciate his service and bravery and give him a ((((BIG HUG)))) for me.

Debbie said...

Thanks to all for your nice compliments and prayers.
Marilee, it's not that complicated. Blogger has made it pretty easy to "decorate" your blog. If you look at your template layout it's pretty easy to change things without having to know html. Oh, my sister told me where my bil was in Iraq, but I don't remember, exactly.
Anita, I won't know anything about the hernia until my next visit. I (ahem)have another procedure scheduled. One I am not looking forward to.
Sharon, A friend of mine made the sig tag for me. I don't have the photoshop software to do it. I would love to try it, though. Oh, and I gave him a big hug!