Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My Seven

I was tagged by my friend Beth, to do a 7 things meme. She suggested tea cups for me, so..... I decided to go with it. *smile* I actually have mixed it up a little and added a few teapots. (I couldn't help it) Please forgive me for the dust and my neglect of not staging my items. I have been meaning to post this for a few days, and time has gotten away from me. I decided to go and ahead without the fanfare and show you what I've got. *smile*

I'll start with this tea cup. It was an unexpected find on one of my trips to the Biltmore. I always love finding treasures such as this.

This one is a little unique and very delicate.

This is another of my favorites and I was blessed to find the matching teapot. It's photo is coming up shortly.

This is my favorite green Royal Albert one.

My favorite Royal Albert, Old Country Roses in blue.

This is another Royal Albert. It is from an anniversary edition.

This is one like I gave to my dear friend Anita so we could share a cup of tea in spite of the distance apart.

Although I have more, this completes the 7 for the meme. I will now share a few random items from my collection.

This is some of my Royal Albert Old Country Roses. Ahhh....these are my very favorites! Can you tell?

I haven't been able to find a cup or the sugar bowl for this one.

A little something in blue......

The teapot I promised. Isn't it lovely?

The last set I am going to share with you is one that my dear hubby gave to me for my birthday this year. I haven't taken it out and put it with the rest of my collection just yet.

I have a few other things left, but will save those for another time.
I am not going to tag anyone, but if you are reading and would like to participate, please do.

After taking all these photos I am able to see a great need to dust and re-arrange. Thanks, Beth!


Denise said...

Wow, these are all so lovely, thanks for sharing sweetie.

livin with me said...

You have a beautiful collection. I have a few tea cups that used to be my grandmothers. I always admired them and when she died several years ago my grandfather gave them to me.

Lisa said...

Your tea cups are lovely. I liked the roses in blue :)

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

They are bee-you-tee-full, Debbie! Too delicate for me - I'm such a klutz with stuff like that!

And, at this point in raisin' kids, I would be TERRIFIED having stuff like that out and around! LOL Hope you are keeping them safe! *wink*

eph2810 said...

Well, girl, first off - I didn't see one speck of dust in any of the photos. It looks really neat to me.

I have to say - your collection is fabulous. I have to agree...you Royal Albert tea set is beautiful. I think my favorite cup is the Royal Albert - Blue Rose :)

Thank you for sharing part of your beautiful collection with us :)

Be blessed today and always...

Sharon said...

Your tea cup collection is beautiful!

Karen said...

How lovely! I'm slowly just starting to collect teacups. I never did because I didn't have a place to display them safely with little ones running around everywhere. (I used to keep friend's children while they worked). Now, however, I'm finding some really interesting ones in antique stores.
Have you tried Replacements? They might have what you're looking for, although they may be a bit on the pricy side. :0)

Debbie said...

Thanks for the lovely comments, ladies.
Melanie, I would love to have just one that I could say was my grandmother's, but alas, I have none. You are blessed!
Beth, yes, definitely in a glass curio. I have a 3 yr. old, you know! :)
Karen, Replacements ltd. is too pricey for me. And I think you captured the euphoria of it all when you commented about the "thrill of the hunt" :D

Debbie said...

Iris, about the dust, believe me, it is there. lol I realized how much when I started taking the pics......

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I enjoyed seeing your tea cup collection! You have some beautiful and unusual tea cups! I really like your birthday gift too!


Wendy said...

Your tea cups and tea pots are beautiful!!! Thank you for stopping by my blog I really appreciate it!! God Bless!~Wendy

Dapoppins said...

Okay, I didn't think I needed any more tea pots...really. Until I saw yours!