Friday, April 13, 2007

Wal-Mart Burial Plots?

Have you ever had someone tell you, other than your spouse, they want to be buried right beside you when they die? My sister informed me of this particular wish just today. Now, you would have to know her to realize how BIG this is. She is actually my step-sister, but since I dislike the thoughts associated with that term, I do not refer to her as such. We have a close bond and always have. She has always been the "planner" of the family. She has a schedule for everything. She is presently living out of state, but when she lived here, in my town, you had to get "penciled" into her schedule. She had the weekends and all the family activities well planned and organized and she made sure her time was spent wisely.

I wasn't expecting to get a call from her this weekend since she was home for Easter. I had gone to Ross', (big surprise) to browse around their fantabulous aisles when the call came. It's only fitting she would call me while I'm shopping. Did I mention that we are the absolute bestest shopping buddies? We were once hailed the Wal-Mart queens, but since being introduced to Ross, by me, of course, it has now been lauded as one of her faves also. Since she doesn't have one where she lives she is anxious to enter the doors of the one here when she is home. I am more than happy to accomodate her. Anyway, she ask me if I had gotten her message. I told her that I had not. She nonchalantly proceeded to tell me what she had been thinking concerning this burial idea. She also told me she knew of a place we could get our plots and how cheap they were. Now of course, I'm thinking she is just adhereing to her normal "plan ahead" behaviour. This would only make sense considering since we both have turned thirty, our birthdays come faster than a jet propelled anything!

She begins to tell me about a place she remembers visiting as a small child. These were family gatherings that involved all the hide and seek you could handle, as well as some roughing up by cousins that made you glad it was once a year gatherings. Easter. She was saying it was Easter festivities that brought them all together. With the recent Easter weekend home these memories were stirred and she remembered the small cemetary located on the same property. Upon further investigation, she learned she could purchase two plots for a very reasonable rate.

By this time I am standing in the aisle getting all sentimental feeling my heart being squeezed to the moment of tears. I am soooo honored. I mean, she wants me. ME to be buried beside her. Not her spouse or any of her children. ME. What in the world have I done in her eyes to be offered such a position? My life has impacted her more than I realized. My mind is in a whirlwhind of thought. Was it something I said? A simple act of kindness? Just as I was about to start babbling like an idiot and right before the snot started to trickle down my face along with crocodile tears, I composed myself long enough to finish hearing her reason. WAL-MART. She found out that Wal-Mart had purchased the site of those family gatherings. Along with the purchase agreement, the cemetary was to be fenced in and maintained with members of the family having burial options at reasonable rates. As a kind of shopper's last stand, she wanted us to be buried together on Wal-Mart grounds. Now is that sisterly love or what???


Sharon said...

Great love! ;-)

Denise said...

That is true sisterly love,lol really it is very sweet.

Anonymous said...

If it gives her comfort and you are blessed, this is good. I wonder, however, the effect of this on her husband and children. Sorry...just...some actions can cause much pain to others. I will hope they understand, as she will have to make arrangements for her wishes. Blessings to you.

Unashamed said...

This is so precious and goes to show you that being sisters is more than just sharing the same bloodline. Her choice of cemetary had me chuckling, but it's an appropriate one for the two of you! My mom and I just had this discussion last week - where she wants to be buried. I have always known that my mom wants to be buried in her hometown with her mom and dad. My dad doesn't care so long as they are together. But my mom, bless her heart, has been reluctant to say definitively THIS is where I want to be buried, because she is worried that the kids (me and my brothers) will want her buried closer to home. I finally got her to admit it and told her it was OKAY. I am totally ok with it (and truth be told, I'll probably be the one making those decisions when the time comes anyway). Hope that doesn't sound morbid! We sure have been focussed on funerals lately, haven't we?

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness, Heartthoughts, she wasn't serious. She was kidding with me. I am sorry, I guess I didn't explain that well.
As cute as it may sound, I don't have ANY aspirations to be buried at wal-mart. :) I am pretty sure my husband would not allow it. If I go by way of the grave, I take comfort in knowing that only bones will be there. I plan to be with my savior in heaven. :)

Lisa said...

HA! That's so cute!