Saturday, July 14, 2007


Not really feeling anything creative today. I think it's the weight of all the yard projects I have awaiting my attention. So it's off to take care of them. I get to spend time with my hubby and that is a good thing. : ) We like to tackle things together when it comes to yard work. We started earlier in the week, but were interrupted by a much needed rain. Praise You Lord! The lightning was only a *gentle* reminder that we like breathing and hair, so we decided to put away the mower and lay down any metal objects we had in our hands. ~Toodles~


eph2810 said...

Many things need my attention this weekend...I hope you are staying cool, my friend. I am drained and I only did the it is still laundry and other projects.

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend.

Denise said...

Enjoy your day sweety, love you.

Unashamed said...

Hope you had a good time with your hubby. It was yard work for the girls at our house today too. We had rain too. Seems funny to get so excited about getting rain but we sure do need it.

Melanie said...

I hope you and hubby got lots of work done and had a nice time together too. We've also been finally getting such much needed rain.

btw- I love your ~toodles~ I always sign my emails to my friends that way.

Pearls of Wisdom said...

I hope you enjoyed your weekend Debbie and go the yard work done. It is so nice and fun to do it with our husbands as partners. I know what you mean. I am so glad you have that. We were so busy this weekend also.

Hope all is well today my sweet friend.


Angel ():)

Lady of Value said...

Hope your weekend was good.