Thursday, December 14, 2006


Sometimes you see a person and can't seem to forget them. I have had the image of such come across my mind several times since Tuesday night. Our church has a Rest-Home Ministry that meets once a month at the facility a couple miles from the church. As with any program, we have the "faithful few" that always participate and then we have the ones that want to, but can't always find the time to fit it in. Ahem....I being one of the latter and ashamed of it. The decision had been made to try to give all the residents Christmas gifts that consisted of personal care items. Unbeknowst to many, these particular residents must furnish their own. Shampoo, soap, lotion, kleenex, powder, toothpaste, are the ones we decided to supply.

With it being the Christmas season and wanting to share the love of Christ, I decided to put aside all the other "little" things that I usually let hinder me from going. With the gifts packed and loaded, we were on our way. Beautiful Christmas decorations greeted us upon entering the doors. We made our way into the Day or Rec room to set up the musical equipment to begin our service. Two or three residents had already gathered and patiently waited.

The service opened with prayer. We had our Christmas songs typed out and ready to sing. A few more residents begin to drift in upon hearing the singing. Oh how they love to hear singing! After a couple of songs, we took a break from singing for the pastor to bring the word. We resumed singing and the many tables began to fill up quickly. Several of them sang along, clapping their hands as best as they could. Others just sat there with no emotion. I feel sadness for these and can't help but wonder what they have endured through the years. I wonder how many visits they get from family. From anyone.

One lady in the group stood out. She must have been at least seventy years of age and proud of it. Her white hair was clean and styled. Her makeup had been applied with much care and age appropriate, I might add. She was beautiful. Where others sat in gowns, robes, or whatever else they were comfortable in, she was dressed in a thoughtfully chosen outfit. In my opinion, she was not allowing circumstances to control her actions. She was not conforming to the image of "rest-home resident." I came not expecting to recieve anything, but left with so much more than I could have imagined. This beautiful lady blessed me, and I am humbled


BrideOfChrist said...

Thank you for sharing that lovely experience. My fiance and his sister volunteered some time Thanksgiving day at a local rest home and he was brought to tears with how many of the residents there were just forgotten by their children...and some of them didn't even know it. It makes me so afraid of the future and what will happen to me if Brian passes before I do. But I am determined to be like that woman you mentioned - just because I am in a rest home, I will refuse to just give up and let time pass and live in house robes. Thank you for sharring!

shortybear said...

Bless you for sharing this sweety. May we always lift those that are in nursing homes up in our prayers, there are so many lonely people in this world, bless them all.